Pain in top of left arm, with breathlessness & chest pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lease79, Mar 31, 2003.

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    I am now 37 1/2 weeks pregnant & am having trouble with chest pain, dizziness, breathlessness.
    Sometimes it comes on with chronic neck, shoulder & arm (constant aching & burning) pain (mainly left arm, top.)
    I have had an EKG during one of these attacks (whilst I was having heart palps & tachycardia) & it showed nothing wrong.
    Doctor has established that I do not have a heart murmur & none of my doctors want to check out my heart fully until after this baby is born.
    I live rural & see a few different doctors, but there is no way this far along in my pregnancy & for where I live that I am going to be able to find a doctor that will do something now.
    Honestly I am seeing three different ones for fibro, pregnancy etc... And they agree that they don't want to check things out until afterwards :(
    Sometimes this pain comes on without my heart beat changing, & stays for ages, but other times it speeds up considerably. Today I even have tingling in my left wrist & fingers.
    I find I wake up without this pain & it develops the more I move around. By night time it is gone & I feel okay again :(
    Any ideas, I am really worried :(

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    Hi Lease...Congrats on you baby on the way. I can imagine how miserable you must be's bad enough being pregnant but with FM it must be especially hard. You didn't say if your blood pressure is high but it just may be causing this and I think you should keep bugging your OB with your concerns. It's possible it's not a heart problem - hormones alone can cause palpitations but still this is not something to fool around with. When I was pregnant, they put me in hospital for having high blood pressure so I'd think if moving around makes it worse you should be in bed more. The upper arm pain is a common thing with FM as is the tingling but it could be from stress, a pinched nerve or from your body being stretched all out of porportion. Please try to take it easy and call your OB again to stress how bad you are feeling. Hope you have someone who can help out around the need all the rest you can get now.

    Bless you and hope you feel better soon.
    Keep us posted.
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    You post reassured me some, seeings though I am stuck like this at the moment :(
    Actually I suffer from low blood pressure. When I am pregnant it can get very low. At my last appointment I think it was 104/55. In other pregnancies it has dropped as low as 80/40.

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    I can't remember the exact pain because it was almost 7 yrs ago. I did go through the er with chest pain and shortness of breath when I was about 8 months preg. They were slightly concerned because my bp was up...128/88...had a hard time explaining to the people I live around that that was high for me. My bp remained low during preg..usually 80's/40's or low 50' it was a big jump. It seems that high bp was stress related because the next day it was down at my Dr's office and after they did ekg and examined me they decided it was because I was carrying baby so high and every time I would bend over the symptoms would come on. So, I stopped bending and it did help. Don't know if this applies to you, but just so you know that sometimes it can really be something simple.
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    I see my doctor tomorrow & I will deffinately be telling her EXACTLY how I feel. It's getting rediculous :(

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    delivering doctor today & she believes the pain (which is noy shooting down to my fingers & making them numb) is being caused by my neck & shoulder muscles being so tight.
    I have a feeling that she could be in the right track.
    My neck & shoulder muscles are so corded at the moment that I can barely turn my head.
    Still out of breath & having chest pains, so hopefully I will have this baby soon, so I can get something done!
    Thankyou again!