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    I try to take a look at it every few days to see if there is going to be any high pain index days coming up so I won't be caught to off guard. But of course I didn't do that for this latest flare...

    It isn't always 100% accurate but hey every little bit helps and it is a great weather and barometer site for anyone with migraines too. I have posted it before and thought I would post it again.

    weather dot com

    look around for pain index

    This site is world wide -- just enter you zip code (US) or name of city, county and the information will come up.

    Take care,

    Karen :)

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    Funny you should bring that up. I have the ability to gather data on all the symptoms and drugs FMS inflicts on m. I bring in a repots with charts and graphs so we analyze and compare to previous reports. On the last appointment my doc asked if I would do a second generation study comparing both barometric pressure and relative humidity to pain flare ups. I’ll publish the study when I compile it all.

  3. Darn the site is gone, I know its not allowed. But my dr. told me my headaches were caused by the change in the barometer. Interesting isn't it.
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    they allowed it up before and never deleted it -- very odd.

    Here it is type in words and not a link...

    It is just a weather site I didn't think it was against any rules I will have to take another look at it to see what the problem is.

    weather dot com

    just look around for the pain index

    My other post titled Aches and Pains/ Free Barometer Site....was left up for over a month and is still there.


    Karen :)
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  5. kjfms

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    apearently the is a message board on that site. Sorry about that I didn't even notice it.

    I just use that site for the pain index and the barometer because it does come in handy.

    I will have to pay closer attention next time...

    My apologies to all I certainly did not mean to break the rules.

    Take care,

    Karen :)

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