pain is off the charts.....

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  1. ilovepink4

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    i am in so much pain this fall. The mornings have been really awful. I can't even get up with our boys while they get ready for school.

    I just felt like throwing this out to the universe. Hey, I am dying over here.

    Soembody just find a dang cure already......come on! if this was a mostly men's illness, they would have this cured and be home drinking a beer.....
  2. kat0465

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    sounds like your still having a really rough time of it:( I'm so sorry, i know Mornings are killer for me also.
    what if i may ask are you taking for your pain??? when i get this way, i grab the heating pad and take my meds and do pretty much nothing till things calm down a bit.

    the change of seasons seem to bring it out in us for some reason. im sure getting your boys ready to get back to school probably put you in a flare too!
    also if hot baths dont make you feel worse, try one with epsom salts, it doses seem to dull the pain for me.

    your right if we all had a Prostate, we would be in Business!!!

    {{{{{Gentle Hugs}}}}
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    just thought I'd let you know in case you DIDN'T know, that ProHealth does have a chatroom,

    People are almost always in there and if you wanted someone to talk to person-to-person and share your experience, get support, it might be a good idea, and help let you know that you are not alone at all

  4. gknee

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    I am stiff in the morning and feeling crappy. I also have CFS so my worst times are after I get home from work. It kicks in and kicks my butt again. I get a double whooping. Argh!

    I agree look all they have done for impotence in men. I think Viagra was developed before any cure for FM/CFS because it was important to the male scientists who were now getting older.
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