Pain is so bad I can't stand it, Help I can't take much more

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. rosemarie

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    Every part of me hurts, no throbs, burns aches stabbing pain, where all over in every muscle bones, nerves, feet, body brain, every where. I just can't deal with this over whelming never ending pain. I sat in my car on the way home from the store, cand just cryed like a baby, I hurt so bad that the tought of moving, standing, sitting getting up after sitting walking, my bones throb hurt to he touch, my left wrist is so tender that just moving it ,brings tears to my eye's, walking makes me nauseous from pain, how can one person live like this , how come no one believes me that I am living with pain so bad that it is not describeable, no words can say the amount of pain I am in tonight.
    No ones belives me that these bouts of fatique, weakness, brain fog, PAIN, can happen in a few minutes and can last for minutes hours days or even weeks. i don't know how to get my famiily to belive me and understand how bad this pain is that no amount of pain meds ease it, releive it stop it, Nothing is working and my doctor just looks at me and tells me that I need my knee's replaced, MOre pain NO way. What does he think that I can survive with more pain after surgery, a huge fibro flare, pain and pain.Wwhy won't some one help me. understand me, have faith that I am not making up this pain , Why would any one do that. I would not wish how I feel on my most disliked person.

    I know that my Mom thinks that her pain is so bad, she won't take it like she should LOrtab 10 4x daily, she takes one or two maybe three on an extreme day and then she sits in her chair and sleeps.she compalins that her pain is so bad but she won't ask for any thing that would may be ease it.
    I have a doctor who feels that I am taking the limit on my pain meds. Mscontin 100 ngs x2 daily, Msir x4 30 mg daily, soma x3 a day, visterial x2, and xanax 2 at bedtime. For the past threee months I have not slept in my bed or for more than just a few hours becuase this pain is over whelming me , making me so sick to my stomache, when I share with my Mom how much I hurt I am told that I have to learn to live with it. But she does not? MY hubby tells me that with all the drugs I take I should not have any pain. He walks with a big limp from bad hips, diebeties, and I know he is in pain he will not take any pain meds for his pain nerve pain I think. Even after 30 yrs of marriage he still does not understand that I am in so much pain that I can't sleep , we have a new bed after the waterbed leaked all over and had to go, I looked for a new bed adn found one teh intelligel how great it felt to lay on it sink into it and not feel pain, stiffness when I get up. But at $3,000 we can't afford it. so we bought what we could. It is a box spring matterss with lots of padding and a tempropedic mattress pad. Three inches thick and when I sleep in it I wake up in more pain than when I went to sleep in it. I just want to not hurt and bealbe to do what I want to do. Be a good Nanna, HOw can I be a good nanna and wathc my grandkids when I am in tears from this pain.
    I can't take it any more. Help me, I just want some relief from this pain soon. I want to have a bed that I can sleep in and it feels good to sleep in. OH please help me to stop this never ending pain.
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    rosemarie, i;m sooo sorry to hear your in so much pain and i believe you completely! i also have very bad pain and like you said its everywhere feet, bones, arms, legs, muscles ,tendons,nerves on and on. a few days ago i posted about how miserable i was feeling and just needed to tell someone so posted here. and i hear you about the bed issue also , my husband just reminded me recently that i havent slept in our bed for about a month. But its because im in pain and the bed isnt the answer, feels like im sleeping on gravel under my skin all these knots and we have a really nice bed but its not the bed its my i spend most of my time nodding off here and there in a recliner. I take morhine for the pain but it feels like im just taking water,,, nothing helps when im all flared up.i wish i could say or do something to help you, i do feel your pain and i did pray for you just now that god would take away your pain and give you some peace .I also understand about wanting to be a good nana, it breaks your heart when your just not up to doing things with the grandson called me this morning to ask if i would cook up a bunch of food for our whole family for a football tail gate type thing (i used to do all that stuff) for the football fans but i had to say no and i could tell he was very dissapointed in his granny but im just not up to it and its alot of work.well i didnt mean to go off about my life but wanted to try and encourage you some. hang in there and know you are believed here and cared about. god bless and keep in touch Becky
  3. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Thanks for your concern, I wish I could say that I feel better and the pain is easing but it is not. I will write more later. on a idifferent post Rosemarie
  4. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I have not tried MSM as of yet. I have tried some of the topicals and some work quite well. I don't dare make up my own conconcotions as my hubby can't breathe with the scents that I know have helped me to relax, feel better , mood adjuster. So I am up in the night Ok it is almost 3:30 am MST and I am wide awake , this flare is never ending. I can't sleep

  5. LindaJones

    LindaJones New Member

    I recommend using an air mattress.
    You can get them at Target for $80 (Eddie Bauer or Aerobed)
    There is also Sleep Number Bed which is more expensive.
    I hope you feel better.
    Cedars-Sanai Medical Center in Los Angeles has a Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Program.
    It helps people who have fibromyalgia manage their symptoms.
    I wish people with cfs/fm could get the help and support that they need.
  6. misskoji

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    I'm so very sorry you are suffering so much.
    I believe you, I know the unrelenting pain you are speaking of, and know how frustrating it is when nobody around you *gets it*.

    I wish I had a better solution, but thought I would give you some ideas.

    I'm not sure what type of insurance you have, if any-but Doctors can Rx beds or other sleeping equipment.
    I have a friend who had one of those pressure relieving toppers (the kind meant to prevent bedsores, but also rx'd for other purposes) perscribed to her.
    As far as any insurance company goes-they will most likely deny you on the first or subsequent tries. Hopefully your doctor can or will fight hard enough for you to get some sort of relief this way.

    I couldn't afford a new bed either-but I found a sleep number bed on Craigslist for $150. Used, of course, but its been great. I would check there often and other advertising/classified sites and newspapers in your area.

    Can you ask your doctor to consider giving you something to break your no-sleep cycle? I know its hard to convince a doctor to do this sometimes-but perhaps if you had some sleep your flare would maybe let up some? Xyrem is the only med that comes to mind offhand. A powerful drug and one to consider carefully before diving into, but it has been shown to improve the deep stages of sleep we so desperately need to function. If you have been in this flare so long, I would sure hope your doctor would be willing to at least try something, even if its not Xyrem specifically.

    I am hoping and wishing you get relief soon.

  7. Leari

    Leari New Member

    Hi Rosemary:
    I understand how do you feel, I was the same until I found the site
    This was a great help for me and I even order their book.
    My health start improving and the pains were less severe by changing eating habits

    I was very tired of doctors telling me that all was in my ming.
    I am not taken any medications at this moment. Only natural vitamins or other things
    that can help.
    I am taken MSM, vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc, C & E.

    I hope you start feeling better after reading this site and understanding the possible source of you pains and health problems.

  8. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I hope that you may be feeling better today. I wonder if you might talk to your doctor about switching your medications a bit. Sometimes our bodies need a switch in medications, the current medications loose their effectiveness.

    I am currently using the fentanal patch which you apply to your skin much like a bandage. It releases medication every hour for either 48-72 hours. I need to change mine after 48 hours.
    I also have Norco that I can take for breakthru pain.

    As far as mom and hubby go...they are adults and make their own choices regarding what medicine they take or don't take. The only pain you need to worry about is your pain. By that I mean that is if you are taking care of yourself first, you might have something left to give to your family.

    If your aren't taking care of yourself, you have even less to give.

    I attend a local support group once a month. It has made a huge difference in my mental health. Having people that understand and believe what you are going though is so, so important. Listening to others experience what you are experiencing creates a security that you are not alone.

    If I didn't have this online support as well as a support group close to home I would probably be in an institution by now. I'm not joking either I really feel that way. I also talked to a counselor as well.

    I truly believe that that mental health therapy as well as your personal physician make a difference. I don't mean to suggest that your depressed, and that is why your in pain. But I do think that is really hard not to be depressed when a person is dealing with the amount of pain that we do.

    I hope that thoses suggestions help Rosemarie, You're in my prayer. I also hope that your are going to talk to your doctor about a prescription for a bed. I never knew that:)
    Do you have a scooter or power chair?? That might help as well.

    Take Care,
  9. msbsgblue

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    I could have or can write your story. I am 64 and have had FM for 25 years and now have arthritis.

    Recently a doctor where I moved took me off my pain meds completely. See my post of Sept. 28.

    For the first 2 weeks off my pain was less, you get accustomed to the pain meds and they don't help. I had saved back 4 pills she did not know I had. Last week the pain came back with it's old vengence and more. I took one pill and it did more for me then the 6 a day I use to take.

    However, now I am out and if you read my other post you will see what has happened to me.

    I suffer tremendously.

    BEWARE TAKING SUPPLEMENTS WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT YOU CAN TAKE OR WITHOUT CHECKING WITH A PHARMACIST, YOU CAN WIND UP KILLING YOURSELF WITH THEM. I also did a few years back taking garlic caps, one a day for something else. My blood pressure dropped so low I was all but dead when I got to the hospital. [This Message was Edited on 09/28/2010]

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