Pain is so much more than physical! And It HURTS!

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    I've just come on board here during the last couple of days and responded to posts about our illness, our difficulties with friends, with colleagues, with family. Yes, I have fibro and rheumatoid arthritis, pernicious anemia. etc., and see several doctors. My two major docs( GP and rheumatologist) are women which is a godsend to me in my rural area because most docs are male. Still this does not help me to cope with all of the other issues. Pain, joint problems, my full time teaching job, etc.

    I am older than many of you and I'm thankful that I did not develop the horrible consequences until my two children were gone off to their respective lives.

    I can only say that what I've read tells me that so many suffer so much and for no good reason. Young women with families find themselves rejected by their young husbands who lack understanding. Young men suffer because they have no idea how to handle all of the disorientation that comes along with this disease.

    I just wish that I could reach out and touch each one of you and let you know that I share in your pain. That I share in your sadness, your drawing away from family and friends when you have a flare, your shock when someone tells you that you "look just fine" and can't understand why you feel ill.

    If you are a fibro sufferer, I can tell you that the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota offers an intensive program for fibro...a couple of days. They also offer a chronic pain three week intensive. I did the fibro program...wonderful. May do the pain intensive this coming year. I have decided that I will do this, not during my summer months here in the short northern summer, but during my teaching year when there are weeks that I can hardly crawl out of bed in the morning to deal with my high school students.

    Love all of you and hope that I can become part of this wonderful support community. Thanks for listening.
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    I have an uncle that attends Mayo clinic and he has said that it tends to be inherited. Lots of my family has this yet some are dx with MS, rls, cfs...What does the fibro program do? I have been through a pain clinic for 6 weeks and I learned bio-feed back, meditation, stretching, exercises and took meds, but they never focused on fms/cfs. It was kind of cruel at times because when I would flare or have a fatigue attack they would make you keep going even when it made the flares worse. But I made it through. I would like to go to Mayo clinic though and see some doctors that actually know what it is I have. Could you please explain what it is they do?
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    So very glad you are here, and you are already a part of us.
    Yes, there are so many different painful aspects of these diseases. This board however is a lifesaver for all of us, the information, support, unconditional love and sheer strength is worth more than gold. One of the most painful parts of fibro is the isolation it seems to pull us into,and that is a great time to get on one of these boards.
    This board is mostly for subjects directly connected to these DDs- but we also have a chit-chat board full of humor, day-to-day life, and just whatever. I have learned more since I came to the boards than I have in the past 3-4 years. So, again, WELCOME !!There are men and women of all ages, some work, some can't,but we all share in something wonderful(each other). Love , Rebel
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    YES, indeed, I feel alone a lot of the time, coping with this disease. Thanks so much for encouraging me. I tend to be on the teacher-ish side in some of my postsk but actually, I'm a poet with a good history of publications and a total love for the where the heck did all of this go wrong??? Ha. You actually made me feel like laughing. Thank you!
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    As a teacher you may squirm some when you fall upon some of our spelling (often creative), and other fibro fog absurdities....
    I actually used to be quite adept at creative writing and poems and such. Life has taken a few turns since then but I know that some day when the time is right I will return to the things I once loved. Anyway I won't run on anymore I am just glad to have brought you some joy for the moment.
    love, Rebel
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    Hi upoemaker, I don't believe I have welcomed you to the board. If I have, I have forgotten, but that is well within the norm now.

    Bless your heart, a highschool teacher, that, I think merits automatic sainthood. I have four children, two grown, and have two teens at home. Thankfully, they are both wonderful children, and help me immensely. My husband is very supportive, as well.

    The board, however, is wonderful. Those without these disorders will never fully comprehend the symptoms and frustrations we feel.

    Welcome to the community, I know you will feel right at home here!

    Best wishes,