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    I've read that several of you keep pain journals. I want to start one to show the doctor about my pain, but honestly I don't know how to get started. What can I put other than pain everywhere all the time at 6-9 most times. I could just ditto this for every day I guess. Seriously how do you chart your pain. How often do you make entries? Do you list every place that hurts? Do you try to describe the kind of pain you're having. I do think this would be helpful but I don't know if I have that much energy.

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    Hi Annette -

    Whilst it is important to keep a pain journal and perhaps emphasize more painful areas, I think more importantly it can be better used to enter what is going on in your life each day. You would be amazed how our feelings affect us physically. Also just as important is to log daily diet, supplements, meds, bodily functions (if this is a cofactor) and also sleep patterns from previous night. I think you may be suprised by what you can discover simply by taking stock of your daily life. Many food allergies, flares, etc have been discovered evaluating personal pain journals. You will hopefully discover what works for you and what does'nt.

    Good Luck!
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    I hadn't even thought about including those things but it does make a lot of sense. I am going to give it a try and see what happens. Thanks

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    I kept a pain journal and I think this is what help me in winning my social security benefits.
    I logged where I was hurting and what I was doing to bring on the pain. I logged in how I slept every night. My toes would go numb and start tingling just from watching TV and I woulf write it down. If you have diarrhea, log it. Use words for pain like:

    Also rate your pain:
    0...No Pain
    2...Slight Pain (you know it's there but hardly notice it)
    4...Mild Pain (a little more pain than slight pain-it does not stop you from doing anything)
    6...Moderate Pain (wakes you from sleep or makes you stop your activity to ease the pain)
    8...Severe Pain (you cannot stand the pain and are unable to do any activity or sleep)
    10...Horrible Pain (the worst pain you can imagine)

    You would want to describe mood and relations with other people. Keep track of your memory loss. I also had this paper that has the front and back of the human body and some days I would just shade in the areas I hurt and rate the pain and added it my note book. I have about 200 copies left that I can mail to you, cause I won't be doing much logging anymore. You can e-mail at to let me know.
    I hope I have given you enough info to help you get started.
    Good luck

    (((Warm Hugs)))
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    I am new to posting so please forgive any mistakes-I am so very happy for you to be awarded SSI Benefits and gave me hope-I am on the recom at this time and also I had applied for LTD with my company and was denied, I was on short-term when this happend. I am also interested in the Jounal list you gave and would appreciate a copy of that.

    I read the messages everyday and have been amazed at the response of thep posts. Keep up the good work you all...what a great way to learn others have the same problems and "I am not going crazy".