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    I would like to know how others compare the pain from FM and pain they may have suffered from operations, broken bones etc. I recently broke my ankle in three places but was not in much pain. I have had operations and the same thing has happened - little pain. Why is it that the pain of FM can drag you down so much? Do our brains process this type of pain differently? What are your thoughts on this? Mellow
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    that might or might not make sense to anyone else. I think the pain from FM is so severe at times that when you compare it to pain from broken ankle, surgery, etc., those types of pain doesn't bother us as much because we live with more severe pain on a daily basis from FM.

    I've heard people talk about how bad the pain is from a root canal, to me it's nothing. I have worse toothaches, where there are no pain, that is caused from the FM.

    I don't know if this makes any sense to anyone else, or it I was clear about what I'm trying to say.

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    from a tooth ache, the broken arm I once had, child birth, etc. was temproary and the pain from FM is forever. So even though the leven of my FM pain may not always be as intense at my labor pains were when I has my children, that labor pain is GONE and my FM pain is SILL HERE! Even though with almost every post I answer any more I am singing the praises of topamax. It has helped me more than anything in the past 10 to 15 years! WLE
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    I think were just so used to dealing with pain....low levels,high and extreme levels~Daily,just about.
    Two yrs ago I had some right sided belly pain that worsened thru-out the day.(nothing I could'nt handle)My FM pain is worse. I suspected my appendix,so read up on appendicitis.The desrciption of that was severe right sided pain,nausea,etc.... I had all of the symptoms but thought"well,this pain is'nt severe".....So I was hesitant about going to the Dr. .. but did- and ended up in Emergency surgery,the appendix was about to rupture!!My family were called and I went into surgery real quick!!!(and I wanted to go outside and have a quick cigarette!!) They obviously would'nt let me....but I asked if it was ok.
    Same thing when I went to deliver my son.I wanted to wait at home as long as possible.(cause i hate being in those hospitals!!yuk!)So I finally went in at 4:30 am. I was holding my child in my arms at 4:42!!! no joke!!
    I don't know but I've heard some people refer to us FM'ers
    as having a low pain threshold???? I think its the opposite for sure!! I can tolerate pain very well....almost to well!! Again, I think we're accustomed to it~ we endure alot I think.
    Great post Mellow~ :)
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    We do some of us anyway endure a lot of intense pain on a daily basis. After so much of this pain and to have another pain on top of it we may just assume it is the usual fibro pain when in all reality it may very well be something elss. Can make for a dangerous situation. We need to be very aware of our bodies and not blame every pain we have on the fibro. Might get us in some serious trouble. Right now my bulging discs are in an absolute uproar and the only way I am sure it is them is the fierce shooting pains. I do have shooting pains with the fibro occasionally but this is definitely different. I don't think I have had a day in the last four and a half years that wasn' pretty painful. And I have a wonderful doctor who tries his best to keep me comfortable at least part of the time. Sad it doesn't work that well.

    We have a difficult journey to make in learning to deal with this disease. I just refuse to call it syndome. To me anything this painful and disrupting is a disease.

    This is just my thoughts and there probably are as many different takes on it as there are people afflicted with Fibromyalgia (big word for someone who can't remember how to spell most of the time lol).

    Hope everyone has as little pain and problems as possible today. Keep the faith there surely are better days ahead for us some how, some way.

    God Bless
  6. LindaH

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    The bad thing to me is how everyone will tell me how good I look. Even when I feel like you know what. Drives me completely nuts. Well okay so I'm already nuts but you know what I mean. Anybody else feel this way?

    God Bless
  7. ranger

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    I mean, "You look fine". Gooood. What did you want me to look like. If I looked like what I feel, I'd look like the hunch back, or curled in a ball. Somedays I feel like Herman Munster; all stiff and rigid. But pain, how can people expect to see pain? Should we be crying, or bleeding, or never coming out into the sun? If we were to express what we feel all the time, all we'd do is complain, stopping in the middle of a conversation to tell everyone "ooh, my leg just cramped up, sorry, excuse me, go on with what you were saying..." Not too realistic eh?