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    Thanks everyone who replied to my post. I agree that the pain of FM is constant whereas a broken ankle you know you are going to heal. Today I am in pain (more than usual) because I decided to move some pots around the garden yesterday. I feel a bit better and jump into doing things I should probably think twice about, then I pay for it the next day or so. I look back and wonder what happened to the person I used to be. I had more energy than my teenagers. I miss that person. I look well and try to look after myself and not let this DD drag me down. I put on a brave face for people but it sometimes takes so much energy. My psychiatrist is now wondering if this pain is a mind/body syndrome. Am I suppressing something from the past that is in my unconscious that is causing the physical pain? I don't know. I have had various stresses over the years like all of us but surely we don't all respond in an identical manner with identical symptoms. I wish there was an easy answer for all of us. Love Mellow
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    I posted yesterday about the terrible pain I have had from moving the bed-room furniture (including an iron antique bed with a solid one piece spring) weighed a ton!!!There was only my husband and I to do it and we are 75 and 77. I wondered in that post if I will recover to the way I was before the stressful, heavy work. As this disease being caused from something in my mind from the past--mine came on from a surgery, and it started that very day. I asked the people at the pain center if that was possible and was told any stressful thing to our bodies can bring it on.I wish I had never had the surgery as it was a tail-bone surgery and not a necessary thing but hopefully to ease the pain I had between injections. A VERY wrong decision.Hoping your pain subsides. Clueless