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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kat_tastrophe, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. kat_tastrophe

    kat_tastrophe New Member

    After just posting that my Doctor insists that pain meds are contraindicated for FM, I called his office to see what he wants me to do, and they had a referral for a pain management clinic in my chart...


    Oh well, I'm not arguing, I said, "thank you", got the phone number and hung up.

    I'm currently taking Trazodone and eating Advil and Tylenol like skittles, so hopefully this will help.

    My question is, what will take place at my appointment? What do I need to bring.

    I'm trying everything my Dr. asked me to try, I am doing my best to exercise (sometimes I walk at lunch, sometimes I hobble, and sometimes I say FORGET IT! and sit in a quiet room with my book. I'm doing heat, ice, the aromatherapy packs that they sell at the mall, and so on...what do I need to bring?

    And, as an aside, Hubby and I are supposed to close on our new house next Thursday, so meantime, we have been living in our travel trailer with our 7 and 4 year old it's not as if I'm stress free right now ha ha!

    Please let me know what to expect.

  2. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    My rheumy was pretty dismissive about my pain, I asked for Tramadol, she prescribed it, I asked for a tens unit, she gave me a pt consult so I could get it. She started me on Neurontin, I said, "Great, what do I do until it starts working?" She said, "I don't know- I have never had a patient with as severe of a case of FM as yours (I'm such an overachiever!). Let's see how the next few days go." I'm sure you can guess how they went, and when I called her office, the nurse curtly said "If you'd have been exercising like she'd said to, you wouldn't be in so much pain." I could have laid an egg! Instead, I proceeded to inform the helpful nurse about all of the complementary treatments I'd tried on my own before even seeking help and that even with adding the things we had, it would be a while until they kicked in, and if my pain could be adequately dealt with, I may be able to walk on my treadmill for more than two minutes at a time on some days. "So other than continuing to exercise as I have been, what else would the dr suggest?"

    She called me back to tell me that the dr thought that my pain could not be treated effectively in her clinic; that she did not feel comfortable treating me. I had been referred to a pain clinic. I felt abandoned.

    The physiatrist's examination was like a combination of the rheumy's initial eval and the neuro eval. He told me I had Raynaud's Phenomenon, Confirmed the FM dx and agreed with the dermatologist that the capillary vasculitis seemed to be systemic-- he was the first to put together a comprehensive dx, based on all of my specialists' notes and his own exam.

    I told him I did not want to be on narcotics and he gave me the alternatives available, with a few suggestions. I left with Lidoderm to add to my arsenal. Several days later, I called, requesting to up my Zoloft to hep with anxiety, as I'd noticed I'd been taking more Xanax. He agreed, but gave me a script for a higher dosage of Xanax (it had been a meager dosage!), and explained that I should use it until the Zoloft increase took effect.

    A week later, I called hi office with a flare. Dr said "Lortab", I said I'd rather not have a narcotic and the nurse responded that short-term opiates are only to get me through a flare until Tramadol worked again. I took them. At next appt, told him they didn't work, so i didn't want totake them anymore. I was given Percocet (with the same explanation, but with the addition that it is more detrimental to a FMS sufferer to be inactive for long periods of time than to take a short-term course of opiates.)

    I have decided that he is right, I can make it through this and maybe tomorrow, all I'll need is Tramadol- the day after,maybe nothing! But for today, I will do what I have to to get out of bed. My pain doc and his kind, attentive staff have reassured me that chronic pain and medicating one's self to treat chronic pain should not be stigmatized.

    I have requested info on biofeedback and other non-narcotic treatments, so I now have a consult ordered with NeuroPsych and another Physiatrist within the same clinic for possible pain injections.

    I, like you Kat, was terrified. I felt abandoned and labeled. I am now thankful. It makes sense to see a pain doc, or physiatrist, at least as an adjunct to your other FM drs. I know they are all different, but maybe it would help prepare you if you called the office ahead of time and asked what you should bring, maybe what to expect, etc.

    Either way, I wish the best for you!
  3. jabby

    jabby New Member

    MY Rheumy as ano personality 4 and out dr. @$200.00 a visit. I found a lifesaver of sorts when I was referred to a pain mgmt clinic. He is the only one who prescribes for me so I don't have 6 drs. mixing my meds.I think he has me about as well as I am gonna get which still isn't acceptable, but one step at a time. He will sit with my husband and I forever, as long as we need to ask questions. I have never felt rushed.I will say my neurologist is just as good. Good luck to you.Give them time. jabby
  4. kat_tastrophe

    kat_tastrophe New Member

    so we shall see!

  5. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    If your situation comes out like mine did, then you will be saying, "I had to wait a whole week?!"

    I saw my pain doc again yesterday and he is just so nice and understanding. He continually asks me which route I want to take and which alternative works best. It seems like he is just a facilitator for my comfort and functionality.

    I hope yours is even better!

  6. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Tomorrow, I go to the Pain Clinic for the first time!! Scary
    !! They deal in injections, sometimes in spine (I have spinal stenosis so bad!), sometimes in trigger points, etc. I am so anxious to find out what he says (young man) and if there is help.

    Also, see what they say about the Duragesic patches my PCP prescribed. I haven't used them as yet.

    I'll let you all know what I find out, if anything.

    Hang in there and Gentle Hugs
  7. kat_tastrophe

    kat_tastrophe New Member

    Thank you!


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