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  1. Aeronsmom

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    What is this and what do they do there?
    I am in so much pain that what ever my Dr prescribes just doesn't help one bit...she suggested going to a pain management clinic. I have never heard of this before can anyone enlighten me on this. thanks,
  2. ScooterD

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    Hi Ann,

    Pain Management Clinic's provide everything from medication to therapy and patients pain is from injury, illness, disease, etc. From my own experience, I feel those of us with the "hidden" illness such as FMS or CFS, are better off focusing on finding a doctor that TRULY understands these illnesses AND has experience - and this doesn't necessarily happen in a pain clinic. I went to two pain management clinics and was not satisfied with either.

    I hope this helps! Take care.
  3. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    I appreciate your input.
  4. cosmoo

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    I was referred to a pain management clinic that did excellant things for me. They understand the epidimeology (bad spelling) of pain and realize that part of Fibro is the bodies over perception of pain. I had good sucess with mine. they assigned me a full team including a pain psychologist who I still check in with from time to time. They were able to teach me and offer medication that allowed me to manage my pain so I could have more of a life.
    I would suggest asking a lot of questions, including "is your clinic experienced in helping people with fibro" . Do some digging as to the different ones in your area, they are usually affliated with a hospital ( careful SOME not all that are not with hospitals give you grand promises but can't deliver). The clinics are outpatient, should offer you lots of resources and classes to take . Find out who the "top dogs" in the clinic are,examine their background. Most important find one you are comfortable with who will allow you to ask alot of questions and will not treat you like a drug addict for needing the meds but truly wants to help you get the most out of your life. Most pain Dr.s are this way I found, they understand you are there because you are desperate and your body needs a break from the stress of the pain.
    Mine was a good experience and like you I got there because the "usual" drug such as ultram ect.. where not working. There are both narcotic and non narcotic meds available that they have knowledge of how to use and combine for effectiveness. It does sometimes take a few months to establish a protocal for you individualy but it's worth it (it's a bit of trial and error on the meds).
    You have nothing to loose by trying them. Mine where also very encouraging of using alternative medicine in conjunction with ther recommendations. I hope you find relief soon.
    Best Wishes
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    My doctor prescribed the pain clinic a month ago. She has me taking vicodin and then later prescribed oxcottin release. The pain was still there and so she raised the dose. I questioned her on when I should take the meds and how far apart. I didn't want to take to much. I have the feeling she was questioning my pain or she thought I was going to take more than I was suppose to. so she recomended pain management. So I went. He looked me over did some physical tests. Then he said I needed to be on methodone instead because that was what fybro patients took. He said he was sending a writted report to my doctor. I never did change meds. I had just started the other meds so I thought I should give them a chance. He also said it wasn't necesary to see him again. Honestly the thought of taking methodone scared me. It seems so strong to start taking at my age (38). My pain is so bad now what will I do when I'm 50?
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