Pain Management Dr, knew what he was NOT going to do

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  1. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    I do hope everyone else is having a fairly good day~~as mine I thought was going to be one of the best days ever!!

    I went to my pain managment Dr. today, only to find out he already knew from my PCP ahead of time what he was going to do and what he wasn't going to do!! I could scream!! He had already discussed with my family Dr. or I should say, my Dr. had already told him NOT to give me any breakthrough meds along with the MS Contin I take now.

    I'm so upset over this apt., I'm sitting here shaking from anger and pain, which was brought on by stress of even seeing this pain Dr. today. I spent days and I mean days writing out all my complaints, meds, pain issues, upcoming surgeries, you name it and I did it all ahead of time, so I would be prepared. I was told the apt. would take about 3 hrs. Well, it took the Dr. only 20 minutes of his time and my time! I had put off going to my oral surgeon today over something much more important than seeing this pain Dr., because I need surgery on my front tooth and gum surgery for a implant. Which of course I'm already in pain over that issue too.

    Anyhoo..this pain Dr. went over a few choices of injections, anti-seizure meds, and exercise and absolutely no breakthrough meds, because they are very addictive. He claims he discussed this with my PCP and they agreed upon that treatment plan. Narcotics are not needed for breakthrough pain!! Too addictive!! I can't say that part enough, seeing I'm already on the MS Contin 30 mgs twice a day, which is very addictive!!!

    So, why did I go to the pain Dr. in the first place, if my own Dr. could of done this treatment plan himself, and not send me to another Dr. to basically tell me the same thing and that he's the one that suggested it to the pain Dr. about no breakthrough meds in the first place. Also he could of saved me alot of money buy not going there!!!

    I came home and called my own Dr. and told the nurse what had happened and that I now want to go back on the Oxycontin I was on before that worked great, or else take me off of everything and I'll just suffer, because I thought I got set up, and he told the pain Dr. NOT to give me anything else and NOW I feel like an addict seeking drugs and full of guilt!!! I would rather suffer than feel like an idiot for needing something for the waves of pain I have throughout the day, and its not just the Fibromyalgia that causes all this pain but all my other issues of pain I have daily!!

    So the nurse, who is extremely nice and I also loved my Dr. up to now anyway, that if I come in there today to discuss this with him, I would probably slap him because I'm so angry at him for setting me up and telling the pain Dr. what to do for me or not do for me, so why did I go there in the first place!!

    Does ANYONE have any suggestions for me on how to talk with my Dr. this afternoon, so I don't yell and make a fool out of myself and have him get so mad at me for confronting him with this? I can see him now, telling me to leave his office and find another Dr to help me.LOL!!

    I even told the pain Dr. that these time release type of drugs do not last the whole 12 hrs either and thats why I felt I needed something else besides all the different anti-depressants I'm on and anti-seizure meds don't work, its time to add another narcotic or something for that time when you do need something extra. I didn't really tell him this, but just asked him this. I got no reply from him!!! That was my worst apt. ever!! A real waste of my time when I could of been at my oral surgeon and getting my tooth fixed....and mind you...I HATE Dentists, but I would of preferred him over the pain Dr!!!!!!!

    Thank you all for letting me vent this too!! But I need some help on this if anybody has any suggestions!
    Gentle hugs,
  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I don't understand doctors, really I don't. Why go to the pain doc when the outcome was preordained?

    What to say to your doctor? I don't know. I have a somewhat similar situation going on now with Vicodin...and that's all I take. My doctor has let the refill sit for 6 days now and not refilled it. I have called the pharmacy and the doctor's office...and still, no contact.

    I also need to go to the dentist, but after getting up and doing only a few things, I am ready to sit because of my pain...and the doctor just doesn't seem to get it. I just can't fight the medical establishment...I'll just live with the pain.

    But, no one has the nerve to call me. And all this over 3 Vicodin a day. A tempest in a teapot, I think.

    Please let us know what you say and what the response is. I just feel so bad for you. We are caught up in a society that abuses drugs and those of us who need them to carry on life are the causualities.

    My prayers for a good outcome.

  3. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    Just have a second on the computer - I'm still in a big flare - but read your post and had to comment. I cannot believe your situation. Well, sadly - I can believe it but absolutely do NOT understand these doctors. I'm so sorry that you had a bad visit.

    I have some other thoughts that I'll write soon...but let us know how your appt with your primary doc goes this afternoon.

    Again, so sorry you are dealing with all of this...--Tina
  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    why the hell did your reg dr. have you go thru a pain dr. when he knew good and well that they together wern'nt going to help you any further~!!??

    I wish I had a great suggestion but the fact is,is I don't. I'm having the same issues repeatedly with my docs.
    All 3 of my drs. ,.. will not give narcotics for pain control of FM. Too addicting!! they all say
    Its just so unfair to have tons of pain and not get helped.
    I wish they somehow could measure our pain.
    I have nothing to hide and if such a test were available,...maybe then we would get treated like humans!

    Your not alone.
    the only pain med I get is ultram.
    wishing you tons of luck
    as I need it too,
  5. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    ughhhh... can you say conspiracy! That is like seeking a second opinion and having another doc tell the other what to say (to be in a agreement to the first one). What a load of crud!!!!

    I would not think that is legal. I would want my co-pay back. Does you PC act like you are a drug seeker to your face??? My back doc referred me to the pan clinic knowing the Pain Doc would know what was best for me.... not to just give me the same line of bull.

    It has helped me so much. After several visits they decided I needed a breakthrough med & honestly I was not even complaining much, he just thought that it would be good to have for the tougher times, "no need to suffer!"

    So sorry about this, something has got to be done about it! That is sooooo not fair.

    I will let you know if I can think of something better to do. Heck, I will even ask my Pain Doc what right you may have, when I see him next week.

    Gentle Hugs....
  6. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    My doctor would not refill my Vicodin - for taking one a day in the afternoon when my neck and back would begin to ache. He is not my doctor any more!
  7. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I've been there too. My doc didn't want to give me more percocet awhile ago & I told her I was going directly to the ER if she didn't give them to me. That worked! I've just been sent to a pain clinic & they were very understanding about what I take & said they would work with me not against me on my treatment. Good luck, I've had to shed a few tears to get them as well. Laura


    dont feel alone my dr. dismissed me and said that due to federal guidlines could no longer treat cronic pain .I live in a rural area and a speacialtist is at least an hour away .pain management in my area will no longer accept fibro patients .where to go from here i feel as if my doctor thinks that I am nothing but a dopie looking for a fix.frustrared in GA.HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON .
  9. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    After seeing so many people complaining about pain that the doctors refuse to treat, I thought I'd try to look up the doctor's criteria for deciding if you are a "at risk for addiction" person or not. This is what I found:

    Well, it won't let me copy and paste it here, but here's the article. Go down to page 30, question #19. It looks like it says how the doc plays "psychiatrist" for a moment to determine if you have a history of abusive behavior, like smoking or smoking pot, for instance. And he is supposed to "screen for addictive behaviors of other family members." It looks like they're more interestsed in covering their asses than in your pain. Look at these criteria, it may help you to know what the doctor is thinking and why the next time you go to complain about pain.

    hope this helps,

  10. wyattsmom

    wyattsmom New Member

    My Rheumatologist won't give any pain meds but my GP will. The Rheumy said she would max out Elavil and told me to find a good therapist to deal with the pain. Needless to say, I am not going back to her! I will stick to my GP who is very caring and helps me with my pain. I don't understand why it is so difficult for us to be properly treated.
  11. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I would find a new rheumy who can start all over with you.
    If you have an insurance plan: do not tell them. Pay cash.
    This way there is no connection to the other doc.

    I am so sorry you feel this way and i hope all works out for you.

  12. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    Non-treatment for chronic pain is because of the governments war on drugs. All doctors are so afraid of the DEA taking their license's for prescribing pain meds that most will only tell you to take aspirin,ibuprofen or other non narcotic drug type.

    There is no reason for a chronic pain suffer not to be able to obtain what is needed to live a normal life. Thank god that I am fortunate that my rheumy believes that also.

    My life would be so degraded without these pain suppressing meds that it would not be worth living anymore. I don't really care what people or other doctors say that I'm an addict or a user because it is what enables me to lead at least a some what functional life, although its not like before this dd ran me over it does keep me going and able at least to get out of bed and try and do things for myself even though it is limited.

    You need to keep searching for a doc who will treat you and cares about you more then worrying about what the DEA thinks about him prescribing narcotic meds to people who need them.
  13. tandy

    tandy New Member

    One time after putting on a garage sale myself(BIG mistake!) I threw my back out, and my sciatic nerve was being pinched or something horrible!! I could barely move!
    I got a ride to my drs. office and he would'nt give me nothing!! told me to take it easy for a few days and take 2-3 advil!!!!
    biggest joke moment of my life with FM!
    imagine that~
    taking advil when you can't even walk upright.

    Drs. are stubborn when it comes to treating pain
  14. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    WOW...I can't believe the support I got from all of you wonderful, caring, compassionate, understanding are all so special in my book, you made me!! And I'm also sooo sorry for the way all of you have been treated too by your Dr's!!

    I am going to NOW make this one of my main missions in life, to help find the support and the right Dr's to treat us with the respect and understanding of this terrible disease that we so deserve, if it takes me the rest of my life!!! I promise you this and myself this!!!! I'm already starting a petition at the hospital and clinic where I work, so that is a start anyway!!

    I guess what got me so upset yesterday was the fact that I couldn't believe that my own Dr. would "set me up" with the pain management Dr., and tell him not to give me anymore narcotics or anything for breakthrough pain. As we have always had such a great communication when it came to just about anything. So by the time I got there for my apt., he took me right in to discuss what I had told the nurse. He immediately got the pain Dr. on the phone and had him apologize about his lying to me and telling me that he and my own Dr. were together on his belief of no more pain meds!!! He put him on the speaker phone so I could hear the whole coversation, to which everything the pain Dr. said was a lie!!! The pain Dr. said he didn't feel I needed anything more than what my own Dr. could do for me, and his beliefs on narcotics for breakthrough or any narcotics for that matter, for any Fibro patient!! So instead of being honest, he mentioned the two Dr's were in agreement over his choice or he thought my Dr. was in agreement, so there was a lack of communication between the two.

    So after that, my Dr. told me how he had known me for 15 years and knew me better than anybody else, he would now be the one treating all my pain issues and also told the pain Dr. that the only reason he sent me to him was hoping he could do something else for me that he wasn't able to, but now he understood that all he did was put his patient into a complete meltdown with many angry misinterpretations of making me feel like a drug seeking patient!! When in fact I'm one of his many patients that never, ever, has had a problem with any issues of abuse and in fact, I was one of his highly regarded patients that works in the medical field where he would often send his other patients to. And then he apologized for all that had happened with my visit to the pain Dr., and it would never happen again!!

    Wow..long story I know, but I did want you to understand exactly what was said to me and what he did to make me feel better, to which I totally appreciated everything he said and did for me!! I think he was more upset than I was, come to think about it!! Hehehehehe~~ make this shorter on your eyes from reading such a long post..He did put me on MS Contin 30 mgs 3 times a day now instead of twice a day, and here's the best part..he did give me my breakthrough meds, which are Oxy Ir's, if I do need them. And he will be my main Dr from now on, with no more questions or concerns or worry about narcotics. Now he's actually going to help me with people finding the right Drs to help anyone who has Fibromyalgia as he said, everyone deserves the best treatment there is out there!!! And just because you can't see their pain, you can see how their feeling, as he saw it on my body language yesterday and realized how awful one can feel on the outside, even though you can't see their pain inside!!!! Our body language sometimes tells more about us than our hidden pain!!

    With all this said and done...I'm once again greatful for all of you and your very important information and support you gave me through such a hard time!! I can't tell you enough how good I feel.

    To TinaJones~~I'm sooo sorry about your flare up right now, and I pray you feel better very soon, so you can come back and join us. And I thank you for taking out your precious time to answer my post, as I know your not feeling well.

    I do hope everyone else is having a some what normal day and without too much pain. And maybe or hopefully, someday you can get the help we all need through this terrible disease. I'm going to work hard on this, as yesterday was the beginning and end to a terrible day, that hopefully will not ever happen again, even with my one small voice speaking loud and clear for all to hear!!!

    Thank you for letting me vent and then telling my story~~

    Gentle hugs to all,
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  15. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    Now, THAT is the type of story that I love to hear. I could feel your frustration in your original post...just the anger, confusion (when you felt like you had a good relationship with your doc - and why would he do that to you?) and so forth. Wow, I can't believe that the Pain Doc would lie - did he really think that you wouldn't find out? Obviously so - but that's really unbelievable.

    I'm glad that you worked it all out with your doctor and that he ultimately did the right thing. It seems like he is compassionate to what you are going through. That's great. I'm glad he raised your MS Contin up a dose - and then gave you the breakthrough meds. To me, that's a perfect solution. YEAH :)

    I've made it my mission, too - to help people stand up for their rights and to not feel bad or be afraid to ask for more/different/etc. pain meds. There is no reason with all the meds available for someone to be in pain! It's true that most people won't get rid of their pain with meds, or some can't tolerate them. But, for some, pain meds are a very huge part of managing their illness. It may take trying different meds - different strengths, whatever. The goal is to find a doctor who is compassionate and is willing to help. That's so important.

    Thanks for the kind words re: my flare right now. I'm feeling a tiny bit better - but not much. As I said in my other post - I'm just so glad it's the weekend and my husband will be home to help with the kids. I plan on crawling in bed and watching movies all day tomorrow (it's supposed to snow here so it's a good excuse to do nothing). I've got a BIG psych evaluation :) on Monday - it's part of the process of getting the pain pump implanted. Should be interesting :)

    But, again, I'm SO happy things worked out. Have a wonderful weekend, Shelby - and I'll be talking to you soon. --Tina
  16. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    I don't think you can add/mix more into that. You can die. So, they are right on the advice not to add more with that.

    You can change medications, which sometimes is what is needed to "shake things up", I have had to do that several times. Right now, I take 4 7.5/325 vicodins and I can add a Celebrex, which worked like a Godsend!! I actually had pain free days, which I had NEVER had before. I had always had some pain in my hands, head or feet. So I was pretty excited about that. I also take anti-seizure and AD meds.

    So, try to be open to trying new things, I didn't think the Celebrex would do Jack to help, but I was pleasantly surprised at the result when combined with the narcotics I was already taking. And really, it's just all about relief. :)
  17. TinaJones

    TinaJones New Member

    Just replying about adding things to MS Contin (it being a narcotic) IS possible and done quite frequently to take more than one narcotic medicine. Sometimes that's all that works for people (me being one of them). It is absolutely appropriate to take another narcotic on top of MS Contin - if that is what is needed for pain control.

    Shelby - Glad you got what you needed. --Tina
  18. enjoysue

    enjoysue New Member

    Geez, to go thru all of that and walk out empty handed. All I used to walk out of my pain dr. with was some neurontin and flexeril. I'd come in there with an 8 and they'd keep prescribing the same thing. It's like tell you to take your meds now and just stay the same as you are. Because of that I've never fully understood the breakthru pain. My pharmacist tried to tell me and I just said I've never had breakthru pain. Mine stays constant and high and never goes away!

    It's my understanding that those in pain don't get addicted.
  19. lnw3602

    lnw3602 New Member

    I have to say I had tears in my eyes by the time I got finished reading your second post. It is always a thrill to see things work out.

    My husband is on a time released Morphine and takes Hydrocone for his break through pain all prescribed by his Pain Management Doctor. (This is not due to FM though)

    Thanks for your post

  20. RedHeadEMT

    RedHeadEMT New Member

    I don't have too much time, but I wanted to finally read this post and reply to you...

    WOW! After reading the first post, I was crushed for you. I couldn;t believe everyhting you were going thru and I felt your pain comletely.

    BUT THEN, you wrote the second post and I was so relieved for you and bursting with happiness, like YOU DID IT, I'm so proud of you for standing up for yourself the way that you did!!! You've completely inspired me to do that with my own doc today (more on that when I have time-he's trying to foist the MS IRs on me).

    SO, YOU GO GIRL! I'm so proud of you, honey! I will talk to you soon; how is the new med combo working out for you? I am so excited for you and will be on here on Sunday to talk more. Many gentle hugs your way!!!


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