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    Please give me the name of a Pain Management Dr that treats people with Fibromyalgia - and is not afraid to write narcotics for pain. I had a wonderful dr and he has been re assigned (long story). I live in Memphis but as this point I am willing to drive or fly if need be.

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    But I doubt you want to travel to FLORIDA,kina long way to go.It was my pain mgmt DR that Dx me with Fibro & CFS..I tried to get into see my Rheumy Dr due to muscle weakness,spasms and muscle pain and was told since I was already being treated by pain mgmt to take it up with them(I dedected an attitude in that statement) and told my pain mgmt Dr what the Rheumy said and he was a bit shocked about it all..TOld me I did have Fibro & CFS and I asked who do I see for it and he smirked and said since you have a pain mgmt Dr I guess I'm your man and we both LOL....Sure do hope you can find some close and won't have to wait long to get in and be treated..Take care and have a nice weekend.
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    Actually I don't mind traveling to Florida - is your Dr good? How is he treating your pain?
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    I see Dr Robert Gerwin in Bethesda, MD. I highly recommend him.
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    I went to one for 6 years (and really liked her) but she would never prescribe anything stronger than Ultracet and I needed something stronger. She also believed you would get addicted to the narcotics. She said it is a big lie that you won't.

    It wasn't until I started going to the FFC clinic this past April that I finally got some relief with a stronger drug, not to mention they found the root of my FM.

    Also, she said my thyroid was fine when it wasn't (they don't do the reverse T-3), she told me try relaxation because FM can be aggrevated by stress. All those things helped a little but were like bandaids.

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    I go to a pain management in Oak Ridge which is still very far for you but closer than Florida!!

    Dr. Dykes is the one that treats me and I use the patch now and 3 percocet 10's a day

    Surely you can find one closer though????

    Keep looking for pain management clinics. I would think in Memphis you would have several or try looking in Nashville

    Hope you can find one - I don't know what I would do without the pain medication - well other than never get out of bed!!!!!

    Oh - As far as I know all of them require you have insurance or at least the one I go to will not take cash.

    Best of luck to you
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    I just wanted you to knowI go to avery nice and caring Pain Mgmt Dr. named Dr. Randall Riley on the Northside. I think his group is like Meridian Health group. I do not know how I got so lucky finding him. Good luck!

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    I went to a good one that left our area to go back to Virginia. If you are interested to going to Virginia, I'll try to see if I can find his name in my records.

    But ... to get a script for narcotics, you would have to make this long trip one a month to get the script. That's the way most docs around here work. They will not mail them to you, you must pick up in person and see them each month. They do not call in narcotics to a pharmacy, either.
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    I have a excellent pain management doctor here in California. He treats people from all over the USA. He is located in Torrance, CA at the pain management institute at Little Company of Mary Hospital.

    He does understand fibro and believes in the helping you with the quality of your life with narcotic pain meds.

    He is truly a compassionate, excellent doctor.

    I am sorry you do not have someone closer, but if by some remote chance you want more info I will post it.


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    my Dr is Blatman and he is very good
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    Was away from computer for a bit and just read your post,so far it has been pretty good treatment.Did run into a roadblock,we aren't sure if I have something new going on or if it a reaction to the CES Theraphy (cervical episural steriod injections).

    4 days after the first one was feeling like a brand new person and was excited about going to visit the family and do some shoping,when I had this horrid pain come over me without warning..Read SERVE HEAD PAIN for
    the detailed to long to rewrite,I ended up having a total of 3 in a week..

    The ER staff was so very rude towards me after they found out i was under the care of pain mgmt,they asked me what was I doing there...

    Well after telling the pain mgmt dr what has happen,he wrote me a RX for ACTIQ 800MCG LOZENGERS (FENTANYL)..

    I'm suppose to stay on my regular meds and at the first sign of the sudden onset headache I'm to put one of these in my mouth between teh cheek/lower gums occssional back and forth to the other side (15 minutes treatment)unless I noticed excess drowniess or dizziness than I'm to throw away the remaining part of the lozenger(no crushing,chewing or swallowing it)..

    Sounds a bit scary to me,but if it works I will be ever so thankful it worked..

    Will I get into trouble if I list his information in a post?
    Just checking,cause I'm not sure..

    Take care,
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    I thought my doctor knew me well---I have been going to her from the time she began her residency until she opened her own practice. However, lately she has been reluctant to refill my pain medication. I've been taking a low dose of liquid hydrocodone plus I take a Cymbalta each morning. She had me make an appointment with Dr. Mark Pellegrino, the noted firomyalgia doctor in North Canton, Ohio and he seemed to think the dosage I was taking was appropriate. She is giving me a hard time, however and I feel judging me wrongly as dependent upon the drug. It's mean, but I wish her just ONE day of fibromyalgia pain!!!
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    Down in New Orleans we have had a bunch of pain clinics closed because the docs there were giving too much meds for not the right causes, if you know what I mean, 20 year olds were going in there to get scripts to sell on the streets and kids were dying from overdoses, so they have very tight regulations for them now. I have never been to one before, because my docs give me my meds, but the good always have to suffer for the bad who are really not in pain. Good luck finding one. Cookie