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  1. lynncats

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    Hi all. Has anyone ever been helped by a pain management doctor? I saw a friend of mine the other day that I haven't seen in over a year, and when she saw me, she could tell I was in awful pain. I told her about the FM, and she mentioned that she works for a doctor that she says could probably help me. What are your thoughts? Thank you so much.

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  2. loto

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    before I was diagnosed because my primary doctor referred me to him. At the time it was because of neck pain and lower back and leg pain.
    Well, the pain management doctor asked me lots of questions, touched around on my neck a little, and then said he didn't see anything wrong with me.
    He suggested I try physical therapy. I told him I had done that before and it did no good for me, in fact made me feel worse, even after I gave it a while. So, needless to say I was still in pain, and still wondering what the hell was wrong with me!!!
    Anyway, that was before my diagnosis of FM, so maybe if the doctor you see will do some good for you. Hopefully he will.

  3. Janalynn

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    If you can find a Dr. who can help you even a little, then I say give it a shot. You really have nothing to lose by talking to him.
    Many people have fantastic luck with pain management.
    I went to a PM Dr. once. Just didn't jive with her at all. She even had Fibro!!! She contradicted herself a lot. She did say one thing that made me think she understood a little -
    "I bet you stick very close to home"

    She didn't take any pain meds and didn't prescribe any either. So not for me since I was already on them.

    I am on the search for another along with the help from my Dr. I feel like I'm feeling worse.
    I am under incredible amounts of stress (life situations) and I KNOW that exacerbates my pain.

    Talk to him - see what his philosophies are, what his treatment options are. No one says you have to continue seeing him (her?) if you don't want to. Even if he isn't the one, there may be another.

    One thing - they are very strict in their policies. You will have to sign a contract, notify them if you receive medication from anyone else, even in an emergency situation. The only part that would be difficult for me is getting to them on a certain day (the 30th day exactly) to pick up a prescription. My Dr. is down the street and is flexible to a degree on when I can pick up.

    Go see him and let us know how it goes! Could be a Godsend if you're needing more pain relief!

  4. Bruin63

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    I have been helped as much as possible. i have spinal stenosis, ddd, plus hip problems. etc.

    at first i didn't want to go, but my primay dr. said it was for both of us to go, as it keeps both me and my dr.s from any trouble, with rx's

    i did sign a contract, that states i won't get my pain meds elsewhere while i am under their care.

    i cannot have injections, so it's been difficult to find what med would work.
    i now am on norco's, 10mg/325mg less tylenol and more of the hydrocodone seems to help a lot.

    i still have pain, from fms, and other co-existing conditions, but i can deal with it better.

    i hope you can find one that will work with you.
    i'm on an hmo, and have only this pain clinic to go to.
    luckly for me, they do believe the pain i am in, and treat me with understanding and care.

    i usually see the pain nurse, as the dr. does the injections, which keep him busy.
    the nurse and i get along really well, which is a bonus in my opinion.

    you can check with the office's before you go for a visit, to see what their prodical is with your conditions.

  5. lynncats

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    thank you all for taking the time to reply. I did forget to ask one thing.....I do see a rheumy, will I have to get her "permission" to go to a PM dr?

    Thank you again.

  6. loto

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    i had to be referred to see a pain management doctor, but i don't know if that's the case everywhere.
    good luck to you! i hope you can get the help you need.
  7. mothermarie46

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    Well I just got back from my pain dr. where I have been getting trigger point injections in my back. I have been going about a year now and I have improved greatly. They have come up with medication plan that has worked for me. We just changed it around a bit today to work with my symptoms. It's definitely worth a try as long as they are on the same page.
  8. hannahfaid

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    The only reason I would change at this point, would be if I could find

    someone who knows their stuff and wont take my meds away

    we know theres no CURE, just trying to lessen symptoms... so any dr

    that will make sure I have good pain management I will stick with

    sorry to be the bearer of gloom and doom, just tired of dr hoppin!!