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    I am finally going in to have the pain management talk with my family Doc today ..
    I have been putting this off for months now.. just trying to make due with what I'm on...

    right now I take : Perc 7.5/325 up to 6 a day ...

    Soma 325... 2 a day .... Not enough

    and of course Lyrica ..

    My fibro Doc had wanted me to do this a long time ago.. as the Perc are not strong enough any more...
    I had gone to see a pain management Doc.. and he had advised to go on the number 10 for perc. and does not think the oxcotten would even do much for me . said I would need to start at a higher does that the norm. and not sure if it would work for me ..

    now my Fibro Doc wants me to try oxcotten ( spelling ) longer lasting meds with my perc...
    I get my pain meds from family doc because he is just around the corner from my house and its easier if I have to pick up a script every month .

    so I'm scared. I know he will work with me and all.. its just ,, well I don't know really why I'm scared. but I am .

    anyway Prayers please that everything go well...

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    It's pretty scary to have your pain meds altered when you already experience so much pain. There's always a fear that it won't work and you'll end up with more to deal with.

    I take 2 30mg of long acting morphine and day and can take up to 4 10mg short acting. My long acting was increased a couple of months ago and it's made a big difference. I still have my moments when nothing seems to work but things are better. I also take 1800mg of Neurontin a day as well for nerve pain. I find that is also helps.

    You could maybe ask your Dr. about long acting morphine and see if it's maybe right for you to try.

    All the best,
  3. FMsaddenedspirit

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    Thank you very much for your resp. greatly apriciated.!

    it went pretty well.. really we did discuss morphine , Oxycotten ( spelling again) and he said there are a few others that may work well for me .. that I'm not out of choices. so for the time being he upped the Perc to the 10s. and said after my blood work gets back to come back in.. and see how I'm, doing ...
    we can always try the longer lasting meds... but is agreeing , the starting dose may not be enough and we may need to bump up pretty fast depending on what med we pick ..

    also he is going to help me with the fatigue .. But I have to laugh .. he said again get my blood work done first and then we can tackle it together.. he is an awesome Doc..

    Don't know why I was feeling so scared.. like you said I think its just what I'll go through until we find the right mix for me . the pain is so bad anymore.

    I also let him know that if I where not so lucky to work from home I would not be able to work at all.. that really made him realize where I'm at . with this DD

    and so we carry on ... one day at a time ...

    I am truly Blessed , I can work from home, I have a couple of great Doc's , and a very caring family .. and few friends .
    and lets not forget Chato bear.. he gets me through the worst days .. ( my Pug ) and lets not forget every body on this board my extended family

    Thank you again , Happy Easter .. Huggles. :)
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