Pain Management, where do you go....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by baybe, Aug 30, 2003.

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    I would like to go to a pain management clinic. The thing is I really want to look into dealing with my pain. I don't want to go to one of these places that think they are a rehab. Does anyone know of a Clinic that actually tries different ways to deal with the pain, including pain medications if they prove necessary?
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    Hi baybe~~I'll share my experience with the Pain Management Clinic I went to which is different than just seeing an individual Pain Management Specialist which I see now.

    At the Pain Management Clinic, I had a staff of 5 people who examined my case, and they decided what course of action to take--starting with different kinds of regimes and protocols like diet, exercises, biofeedback, etc. before considering opioid meds. If opioid medications are to be considered--then the whole staff has to agree on the use of them. But, I jumped through all their hoops for months with no relief, and then they started me on a very low opioid that was not strong enough to be effective. Finally, I quit and just went to a Pain Management Specialist referred by my physician. I really liked him; I liked talking to just one person instead of 5, and he was thorough and offered me immediate, adequate opioid relief, and just seeing him was much, much cheaper than going through the Pain Management Clinic.

    With my Pain Management Specialist, he doesn't have to consult anyone else. He makes decisions & changes on my meds right there consulting with me, and I get the script immediately. I have been pleased with his attention to detail, listening ability, and willingness to work with me and discuss different medicine options.

    I don't know if you need a physician's referral to a Pain Management Clinic or not, but you can call a Pain Management Specialist and make the appointment yourself. At least that's the way it is here.

    Either way, hope you find some relief soon. I suffered terribly trying all kinds of protocols until my doctor said, "Enough!" and started me on opioid pain management along with soma, klonopin, & bextra. Good Luck! Carol...
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    Dear Baybe,
    I looked in the yellow pages of my phone book and called them. The receptionist said a referral was necessary. I saw my regular dr. who was pleased to make the referral. I believe he was glad I was not going to request medications he was not comfortable prescribing. Once under a specialists care the attitude is totally differnt. They actually are there to help the patient. If the medications are strong opiods that are indicated, they are not afraid to prescribe them. Mine has been a lifesaver. Please look into it. Good luck.

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    I know I won't find this in Vermont, but I am assured that it exists somewhere and that there are Pain people out there that are interested in treating the patient. I appreciate you taking the time.