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  1. doxygirl

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    Can any of you who have or currently are being treated by a pain management DR help me with some questions.........

    I have been on hydrocodone for approx five years I have never taken more than 3 or 4 in a 24 hour period no matter how significant my pain may become..........however it really is not even close to giving me the quality of life it did even a year ago.........

    My cousin whom Iam very close with (and and works for an internist ) suggested I get a referral for a pain management DR and said it "CAN" give me a better quality of life if I obtain better pain relief.

    Iam DONE being concerned with "addiction" and have become completly focused instead on having a better quality of life which Iam certain will take a different and possibly stronger form of pain medication.........

    I appreciate your suggestions and or information on what has helped you............and if any of you feel that a pain management DR is necessary to find proper pain relief?

    Thanks for your input.
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    The best thing I've ever done for my illnesses was finding a good pain doctor. Now I never have to worry about running out of pain meds and withdrawal. I don't have to fight and beg for pain meds. My doc never talks to me like an addict or second class citizen because I take narcotics. I don't feel guilty about asking for an increase or change in my pain meds if they aren't working for me. Also, my doctor is always trying to find better ways of controlling my pain. But you have to be selective in choosing a pain specialist because some are only interested in getting you off narcotics and treating you psychologically. I go to a pain RESEARCH clinic not MANAGEMENT clinic(Dr. Rauck in Winston-Salem NC). Hope this helps some.

  3. Mini4Me

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    Sounds like you are ready for a long acting opiate or a fentanyl pain patch. You will probably still need the hydrocodone for breakthrough pain.
  4. doxygirl

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    for your help!

    Iam going to talk to my Dr tomorrow and request that he give me either a referral for pain management or he himself rx something stronger and more effective.

    Thanks again!
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    a pain dr. didn't help me but neither have other dr.s so you try whatever you need to and yes, forget about addiction. it is not addiction when used for us in constant pain only when it is recreationally used to get high. don't forget that.