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    Hey anyone out there been to a pain management specialist?I have to go on the 26th. of May and would like to know what to expect.They tell me it's a 2 hr. session.

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    in hopes someone can answer this before it gets pushed too far back.
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    will not do anything for you unless you are "willing to help yourself" by going to physical therapy as a start.

    Then, she gave me Darvocet for the pain, but will not give anything stronger for fibro. (If you have other problems, the doc may consider that.)

    Also, I had to have my CT scan report to give her to prove all of my neck and back problems ... and still just Darvocet for the pain.

    She later put me on Neurotin, 300 mg. 3 x day. It is wonderful! It has done more for my pain relief than any pain pill ever could! I don't even take the Darvocet anymore.
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    It is a pain management clinic in Toronto.The a pain specialist.Also it is for fibro.