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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by atbowen, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. atbowen

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    I still not working because of my work related injuries. I am being put in to a pain management program to help me cope with the pain. I also have a Voc Rehab now. She is going to also help me in return to work.

    I want to know if anyone has been in a pain management program?

    Also has anyone tried the therapedic mattress?

  2. NyroFan

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    SSA sent me to a pain program for an interview before granting me SSD. They said they would not take me. (It was 'yes' if they thought I could work and 'no' if they said I could not work. Makes sense, huh?).

    Anyway: then they shipped me off to Voc-Rehad for an interview. That was the clincher. They said I was too sick to be in Vocational Rehabilitation.

    I really thought all of these people were going to help make me better and set me back off to work, but it was in the cards for me to get SSD.

    I am glad I did. I could never handle a job: any kind.

    (Do not know about the mattress).