pain med addiction~~~~~~

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    I want 2 thank all of you for the best views that I cud have hoped to read! you all have helped me to feel so much better about myself and the meds i take. everyones different veiws,all rounded out to have the same feeling on the subject. I'm happy to know that I am not someone that I shud not be. I wud not have been pres.the meds if i didnt need them so I dont feel scared since i take them as i shud. maybe a lil xtra on the worse days. you see, i have spinal artiritis,two bad buldging discs, tendonitis, and yes, you know it fms all over my body!! much much pain that i have a hospital bed now to help me gt up when i can't do it alone. also given by my dr. you all will never know how you have helped me so so much. the extent of the wordings of some views had me in tears literally.... thankyou. i hope i can help you all in something i may have to say....
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    We all try to give our advice to be of help to others in any way.

    Sounds like you found encouragement here on the boards,
    that is Wonderful.

    Wish you Well
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    that you are feeling reassured
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    So glad you are finding help here.

    People with chronic pain do not become addicts. Not taking our meds is bad because then you are chasing it and its very hard on our bodys.

    i enjoy reading your posts also.