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    I recently posted about a painful experience I had in the ER. (Please review my previous post under my profile). While encountering the painful experience, the doc gave me 4 of morphine which didn't touch the pain. The nurse rushed in and said she is on narcotics at home which may explain why this isn't working. I take 40 mgs of oxy ER twice daily for RA, ostio, Fibro and CFS. Needless to say, the doc was quite rude and said to me in the middle of me screaming in pain from this procedure, "just how much to you take a day at home?" As if I abuse my meds and self medicate which isn't the case at all. My meds are monitored by a Pain Management Dr. You could hear the dissaproval in the ER Dr voice.

    After the procedure, they gave me demerol 25 mgs for the pain which again, only took the edge off. I had to tell the Dr. that saw me on the hospital floor that the dosage of demeral wasn't enough. She graciously up it to 50 mgs which only took the edge off. It did not control the pain from my wound. How do you tell them up front that you take narcs at home and to please adjust the dosage so that you will infact have relief? More importantly, how do you make them understand that the medication you take is not a choice. Your choice is to live and function like everyone else.... pain free.

    I have an appointment today with my pain doc and I want to discuss this in detail. I am really concerned that if I have a serious emergency that is painful, I will have to suffer because of a lack of communication or even worse...a lack of understanding.


    I did speak with my pain Dr today after I wrote the first part to this post and he too was shocked at how I had been treated. He went on to say that Morphine does not work for approx 65 to 70% of caucasian females. In addition, regardless of my normal pain med dosage and even if I had developed a tolerance to narcs, 4 of morphine is a very very low dose. He said he would have been more suprised HAD it worked. He is such a kind Dr. He has offered to draft an info sheet on my condition and treatment so that upon assessment for an emergency or elective procedures, it may help the Dr understand that my doages may need to be adjusted. He also told me to tell them in the future that morphine is not that effective on me. He said that basically, I went through the procedure without any pain medication.

    Thanks for all of your kind words. As far as the t-unit, I am not sure how that would work with RA but I am game for anything that will help.....and that's legal of course:)

    Hugs everyone!
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    I have had some problems too & am attempting to decrease my pain meds.

    I had a kidney stone that got stuck in the ureter, which blocked my kidney & I was in horribe pain. I took 2 of my pain pills, whereas I usually only take one. Was still in really bad pain. My husband took me to the ER. (That's when I found out the stone was stuck) I let them know what I had already taken, so they gave me morphine by IV. That only made the room spin & I was out of my head, but still had the pain. I can't remember what, but they gave me something else that finally helped relax me enough, that the stone finally moved & I was able to go home.

    Kinda scary isn't it. I believe Prickles has a great idea about the tens unit. Think I'm gonna check that out.
    Thanks Prickles...

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    Hi Tammie~~

    I had just finished reading your other post about what happened in the ER and I was just astounded about how you were treated!!! Don't these Dr's EVER start to learn about pain medications and how we feel or anything about chronic pain issues!! You actually made me so mad about what happened to you, as I know what you've gone through since it has happened to me many times.

    The one good point about telling your Dr. about what happened and your pain meds, tell them exactly what you said in your post. I'm sure your Dr. understands or he wouldn't of put you on what you use for meds now.

    You do not have to suffer like this when you go to any Dr., whether its at the ER or another Dr. you don't know. Tell them exactly how your body reacts to certain meds, etc., and how each one is different in how you react to the meds or how much they might not work when something else comes up that is more painful for the time being, like in the case of an emergency!! We do unfortunately have to speak up loud and clear many, many times!!

    When I had my cervical spine surgery a couple of months ago, I told the neurologist exactly what works and doesn't, and I probably would need more medication to put me under, and after the surgery to control my pain level. He totally agreed, and I came out of there completely pain free, which really surprised the heck out of me!! I thought for sure nothing was going to touch the pain as I'm also on some heavy duty meds, like Morphine and Oxy IR's. Plus many other meds to control the pain, but are not in the narcotic family.

    I'm sooo sorry this had to happen to you, but hopefully you can discuss this with your Dr. today and get everything straightened out, so everyone understands where you stand in your pain issues!

    I wish you all the luck and best wishes you feel better~~
    Gentle hugs,
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    I am bumping myself because I think the response I received from my Dr will be very helpful to a great many of us.
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    Just 5 days before my youngest daughter was to be married I tripped over the sidewalk and shattered my left wrist and broke my radius bond as well. I went to the ER and was given500 mics of fentynal and 20 of versed to try and control my pain it really did not help me much.

    AS soon as it was set and in place I left and I was awake and talking. The ER doctor that night was really good and knew just how much MScontin I was taking.

    But the next night my hand swelled up and I had to go back to the ER I had a different MD who thought that a lortab 7.5 would have worked just fine for the pain I was in. The nurse that had been at the ER the night before announeced to everyone , staff, patients, every one in hearing range that I was given 500 mic's of fentynayl and 20 of versed the night before and she had never seen any one be so alert with that amount of meds on board.

    I was humilated but this and asked her to shut up and not discuss what I had been given the night before.... The waoint room did not need to know about it.

    He ripped of the tapelike sticky splint I had on my wrsit and in the process pulled it out of allingment and I screamed and bawled that he was hurting me. I was given 60 mg of morphine and told to deal with it.

    I was sent to X-ray where is was shown that the bones were misaligned now and I came back to the room where the nurse had drawn up an otehr dose of morphine and the doctor did n't think I needed it but since she had it drawn up I could have it instead of wasting it. HE then slapped on another sticky splint and told me to stop being a baby .
    IF he were my doctor he would not have given me any thing stronger than a lortab 10 at the most. He felt that I was just making a big deal our of nothing. Stupid doctor. I would like to see him with the same injury and not be given anything for his pain.

    A few days later I saw a good ortho who made sure that I had some really good pain meds and he was so upset that the second Md had treated me with such disresecpt. When I had my surgey to fix it as it was so badly smashed it needed a titauim plate and screws to put me back together again.
    I asked my ortho to promise me and put it in writing that I would recive enough pain medications to keep me comfortable during my surgey and for the night as he kept me their for pain control and I had a morhine pump for that night and day that I was there.

    He signed a letter and I watched as he wrote out my orders for surgery and he wrote that I was to be given what ever it took to keep me comfrotable.

    HE wrote then for a morhpine pump for me. I really liked him and I was out of pain for that stay but I am terrifed of The ER . I will not be treated as other patients are treated as I am on MScontin and MSIR and I take them daily.

    So I really understand what TFD went thru. Getting pain control for chronic pain patients in a ER is nearly impossiable to get. YOu are looked on as a drug abuser , someonw who misused the meds they take every day.

    I wish that It would change and we would receive the same treatment as any other paitnet gets. But we won't as we are seen as addicts. NOt some one who is injured or has had surgery. WE don't count .

    I will climb off my soap box carefully so I don't fall.

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