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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Starbright, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Starbright

    Starbright New Member

    Does anyone use the patch for pain? I take vicodin but am thinking maybe I should try the patch if it last all day and take the vicodin for days or times that are worse??? Any suggestions?? Tricia
  2. orachel

    orachel New Member

    Anyone have any info on this ie: what type of medicine it is? Thanks!
    Great post! Never heard of pain patch before.
  3. Jgavi

    Jgavi New Member

    Are you talking about this patch?

    I used the Duragesic patch last year for a few months- it worked well but it caused depression in my case. I had to stop using them.

    Their is a patient assist program if you need help because they are very expensive.

    It works well because they dont mess up your digestive track and constipation is little if any.

    They last a good 18-24 hrs.

  4. moxiepup

    moxiepup New Member

    Hi: The only pain patch I've ever tried is the Duragesic Fentanyl Pain Patch, it just came out this yr as a generic. The above poster is right they are vary expensive, but if you qualify you can get them for free I think.

    I have been on it for about 2yrs., the drug in the patch is Fentanyl and yes it is a very strong Opiod Drug, they are for every 72hrs., but if your Dr Rx's it and your Ins will pay some people need there's and change it every 48hrs.

    Usually they start you out on a low dosage 25micg to see how you will react then up it as needed I take 175mcg right now and since I've been put on that from 150 I barely use any breakthrough meds or anything else for pain.

    I do take 1200mg of Neurontin at bed, I had horrible stabbing electric shock like pain in my legs and prac over night this stopped it but not the ache and pain in my legs.

    I was first dx with FMS after a very bad flu like illness it was horrible then after a yr I got CFIDS..bumma I have been rx Oxycodone 7.5/325 for breakthrough pain. You stick these patches anywhere above your waist I usually alternate upper outside arm that's where I have had the best luck sticking. If your Dr wants you to use Duragesic and not the generic(this happened to me so that's how I know)they have to write "Duragesic Medically Necessary" on the script.

    The generic did not work as well on me, boy my ins. co did not want to pay but after my Dr wrote a letter no problem.

    You should google the patch in and read a little about it before you ask for it, you don't just take it off and on. You can put it in the search up above there has been lots written about it. A lot of people have problems with them sticking esp in heat but Duragesic will mail you a patch to go over it so it doesn't fall off. I like them cause it's the only thing that has worked on my pain so far and I've had everything done believe me!!! you can swim with them and of course shower.

    good luck,

    gail....sorry so long ;)))
  5. rhonda357

    rhonda357 New Member

    I have a lidoderm patch for pain and yes I think it helps.Would love to talk about it with you.
  6. Starbright

    Starbright New Member

    I take about three vicodin a day. After some blood work and trying new suppliments, I have started to feel a little better. More energy and motivation. The pain hasn't changed. Actually gotten worse since i am doing more. I have even been having these horrible leg pain/aches. That is why I thought maybe the patch would be better. Do you have to get use to it? Does it make you loppy? Is it stronger than the vicodin? Hope you have answers.

  7. moxiepup

    moxiepup New Member

    Hi: Are you talking about Ldoderm patches or Duragesic? if it's Duragesic I didn't have any trouble getting use to them, I take both the Patch and Vicodin for breakthrough pain.

    hope this helps

  8. DietCokemom

    DietCokemom New Member

    Hi. I'm new to replying on the message board, but have been reading it for a long time.
    I was diagnoised with Fibro. seven years ago and went throught three years with a reumy. dr. Finally three yrs. ago my pcp. dr. sent me to a great dr. who runs a Pain Mgmnt clinic. the Dr. is very sympathic to patient with chronic severe pain and all the symt. that go along with it. My Firbo was due to a trauma to my body in 1985. Worked very hard as long as I could and have now been on permanent disability since 1998. Before I found the Pain Mgmnt Dr. I was seeing another pain dr. who precribed the Duragesic Fentanly patch. I was on the strongest dosage and it did work well for about 8 mos. I liked that I only had to change it every 3 days and took my break through med if necessary. Guess it depends on your level of pain. Don't hesitate to ask to dr. to increase your dosage after being on it for a month if thats what you need to try and stay pain free. I wish the patch would have worked longer on me but I had to be refered to a dr. who would and could prescribe stronger meds. Don't give up. there are drs. out there who believe fibro and cfs is real. ]
    Sorry this is so long. thought you might need some background on my situation so that you know that the patch does work very well. It is narcatic.
  9. Marikate

    Marikate New Member

    I use over the counter pain patches, but wish they had less smell to them. I have a tracheotomy and the smell really bothers me. The company that makes Blue Emu made patches for awhile and they worked well, but now I use any kind I can find. I take hydrocodone liquid, a teaspoon or a little more in the morning and then the same dose in the afternoon, none at night, just children's chewable grape Benadryl to help me sleep. I am appalled at the doctors who will not prescribe pain medications, but insist patients use over the counter drugs like ibuprofen or Advil, Motrin, etc. If they had one day or perhaps even one hour of fibro pain they would be quick to prescribe!!!

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