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    Does anyone receive a pain medication from there doctor that actually helps with the pain of Fibromyalgia? My doctor has been giving me hydrocodone 5-500 for 13 months now, and they do not work. I keep telling him every visit that they do not work for me, but he still gives them to me. In all this time, I am suffering with pain. I also have severe pain in my knees, neck, back, and found out that I have bursitis in my left shoulder. I also ended up in the ER because they found a huge mass on my left ovary that was causing me pain. I am just miserable with all this pain and already changed doctors, but when it comes to pain medication, they act funny because of addiction. I never had a problem with that and I just can't stand the pain anymore. Is there a medication that someone is taking that helps that I can mention to him?
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    I would suggest seeing a pain specialist. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes trying many different drugs before hitting on the right one.

    I take Tramadol and it really helps. It is not a narcotic.

    What works for one person does not for another. I sure wish I could get by on a couple of aspirins a day!! Besides aspirin is not recommended to take all the time. It has lots of side effects such as causing you to bleed easier, stomach and liver problems.

    While all medications can have side effects, you have to weigh that against your quality of life.

    Good luck and let us know how you are doing.


    ETA Can you change your PCP? I would be leery of a doctor who keeps giving you the same medication when it is not working. How does he justify this to you?[This Message was Edited on 10/07/2009]
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    We have a good Fibromyalgia board here and I think it would be a great place for your post. Many people there are very informative and you may feedback that you seek.
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    Do you go to pain management. I found here in Ky our regular docs are limited as to what they give and how long they can give any. So I was referred to a pain management. He gives meds and good ones, but, when they stop working i start getting series of cortisone etc mixture, 7 in a row and different versions, whereever, like epidural in my back, now in y hip, an arthritis shot, because of stomach I can no longer take anti-inflammatory, I have asked the last 2 times to up my pain, muscle relaxer and a mild in between pill for pain, and he goes for the shots first. Hopefully pretty soon he will up my pain meds again. I know I am getting immune to them and he holds off, because in the end after I am immuned to all doses then what does he do? I still think even the drs discriminate against us. I think they could get us out of pain with all the meds they have, and who gives a hoot, we are already addicted, so why not help us? I don't understand why we have to suffer so and the ones that aren't suppose to be doing it by the book, can get anything. meme
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    Along with your pain med, have you tried something like Cymbalta--it's an antidepressant that has also been proven to help fibro pain, and Neurotin--it helps nerve pain and help me a lot. I also take Zanaflex at bedtime to help relax my muscles so I can sleep.