Pain medications that may be removed from the market

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  1. Debra49659

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    Good Morning all!

    This was in email box this morning, urging people to send an email to address the need for pain medication. Furthermore, they are removing medication that have been FDA approved and until now legally prescribed.

    I copied the link..I hope it works

    I had to copy the page as link was not working :(

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    Fibromyalgia Community FDA Threatens Pain Medication - Act Now

    New Threat to Pain Medication by the FDA.
    To: All individuals and organizations who care about access to pain care in America.


    The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) may remove important pain medications from the market or could very likely limit access to certain pain medications that are currently legally prescribed to millions of Americans suffering from pain.

    The FDA needs to hear how vital access to these medications is to people with pain and what tragic results could occur if they were denied access to these medications or if additional barriers were created making access more difficult for people who are legally prescribed these medications.


    Send a letter to the FDA sharing your story about how their decisions would impact you or your loved one. The FDA MUST receive your letters by Tuesday, June 30th, so don’t delay.

    Please review the following to assist in your letter writing and to provide further information on the issue:

    Go to access the FDA comment submission page to submit your letter electronically or mail your letters to:

    Division of Dockets Management (HFA305)
    Food and Drug Administration
    5630 Fishers Lane, Room 1061
    Rockville, MD 20852

    Please Note: All letters sent electronically or through the mail must clearly include the following information at the top of your letter: Docket No. FDA-2009-N-0143. Please send a copy of your letter to so we can also have an opportunity to hear your commentary.

    Testimony of Pain Advocates at FDA Hearing, May 27th and 28th. These testimonies may also help you write your letter.

    Mark Maginn
    Carolyn Noel
    Teresa Shaffer
    Mary Vargas
    FDA’s REMS Information



    American Pain Foundation

    You can access the information listed by visiting


    FAIR USE NOTICE: The Fibromyalgia Community Newsletter contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.
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    I couldnt get this to work.
    could u list drugs?
  3. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    3gs...I'm sorry I couldn't get it to work from my own! I'll try again after my dental appointment. If I can't find it again...I'll notify the site.

    Sorry Everydobby,
  4. DemonFairy

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    Why do legitimate chronic pain patients have to continuously fight to get proper treatment? They don't try to stop selling alcohol even though there are way more alcoholics than pain med drug addicts. Why do we have to be punished because a small minority of people ABUSE pain meds? It's ridiculous.
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    for some reason it is not possible to copy/paste the info from the site that lists the drugs, but they are all long-acting opiod drugs - like morphine, fenatyl (sp?), oxycontin, methodone, says, though, that this could easily lead to more of the short term drugs also being included, like vicodin, tylenol 3, percodan, etc......if you can get to the site, the list is part of the faqs pages - that's where it explains what the fda is trying to do, too
  6. JewelRA

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    I have been hearing alot about this lately. It infuriates me. Even including some drugs that have been on the market for 50+ years and shown to be remarkably safe, such as Vicodin. I read that a study "looking back over all of the years of use" it was shown that Vicodin had caused something like 1000 cardiac events. Over 50+ years????? That's not very much. How many "events" have some of the highpowered antidepressants they love to give out like candy caused in a relatively short period of time???? It really chaps my butt and I am not even on opiods at the time, but have needed them in the past. I know many people who really need them and have never abused them.
  7. Debra49659

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    I'm going to try and see if I can get this link to work!?! Stupid I couldn't get the link to work but I was able to copy the list of medications :)

    Brand Name Products

    Generic Name

    Trade Name


    Duragesic Extended Release Transdermal System


    Dolophine Tablets


    Avinza Extended Release Capsules


    Kadian Extended Release Capsules


    MS Contin Extended Release Tablets


    Oramorph Extended Release Tablets


    OxyContin Extended Release Tablets


    Opana Extended Release Tablets

    Generic Products

    Generic Name

    Drug Name


    Fentanyl Extended Release Transdermal System


    Methadose Tablets


    Methadone HCL Tablets


    Morphine Sulfate Extended Release Tablets


    Oxycodone Extended Release Tablets

    Note that there is the potential for this list to be expanded if the REMS also includes short-acting opioid medication, like Percocet, Vicodin and Tylenol #3. APF is concerned that focusing only on extended (or long-acting) medications will result in doctors switching to less regulated, shorter-acting medication at the cost of effective pain relief. This may also have the potential unintended consequence of leading abusers to less regulated prescription medication.
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  8. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    What idiots!

    I will surely look into this and sing my praises about the low dose of Methadone that helps me feel human again!!!!!!!

    I wish they'd spend more time and money controlling alcohol and getting some more of the Meth mess cleaned up around the country. Those are 2 of the worst drugs if you ask me, I've seen too many people ruined by alcohol and meth. Scary stuff.
  9. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    I wish they'd spend all that time and money on free rehab (instead of prison, for those who aren't dealing) for people who have drug abuse problems, instead of causing problems for those of us who use our meds responsibly.

    Oh, and it sure didn't help when the coroner released the info that Danny Gans (our modern day Rich Little in Las Vegas) died of a Dilaudid overdose. Not only did he obviously abuse his Dilaudid, but his family didn't even know he was taking ANY pain meds. Sounds kind of fishy to me. Anyway, almost all of the comments on the story are stupid people talking about locking up his doctor (the story doesn't even mention that the meds were necessarily prescribed by a doctor - I'm sure it doesn't take much for a multi-millionaire to find pain meds on the Las Vegas Strip) or banning pain meds because pain meds should only be used for "cancer". They act like someone gets a pain med prescription, takes a proper dose, and then drops dead because the drug is oh so powerful. No way. Almost every single person who has died from taking pain meds, has died because they abused them in some way - taking too much or combining them with other drugs/alcohol. I've been taking my pain meds for almost 3.5 years and not once have I even come close to dropping dead. ;) Okay, I threw up a couple of times, but I didn't stop breathing.
  10. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    First of all, my following statements are not regarding anyone here.

    We can thank all of the people who abuse the system -- those who obtain prescription pain medications for recreational uses. This is a reality.

    Then, those who fake disabilities (again I am not speaking of anyone here) to obtain prescriptions and then sell them. This is also a reality.

    In my opinion this is why the whole situation needs to be monitored even more closely.

    Drug testing for people on pain medications to check if they (and I include myself) are indeed using their prescriptions for pain medications correctly or not using them at all.

    This is only my personal opinion -- I think this would take care of a lot of problems.

    Speaking for myself only, I use my pain medication as directed and only when needed (prn) per the instructions of my physician. I would not have any problem taking a test to prove that I am following my physicians directions.

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  11. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    That news is infuriating. Who can decide how much pain someone is in - who deserves what.

    Even if I didn't need any, I would write in and give my two cents worth! It could be you, your mother, your child who might need something someday to give them quality of life.

    Thanks for posting. I haven't gone to the link yet - but I will!!!!
  12. pacotaco

    pacotaco New Member

    Kjfms, I do agree that maybe, just maybe instead of taking away what we need, tests could be done to make sure that the meds we ask for are indeed in our systems to show that we do not abuse or sell or giveaway or what ever it is they think we ill people do with the meds we use! meds are monitered for refills, so if we use them to quiclkly would mean we are not using them as prescribed, well sometimes that can happen if the pain is so much worse that day, but we never run out befor our time, if i may say we, but more for myself,as for myself, the meds that i feel are not really helping, i stop refilling, and only use what really helps, as we all do. We should not be faulted for what others on the street do or what anyone that do not have and suffer from what we suffer from do...So stupidly wrong. I startled myself by thinking to myself,"oh wow, if they take everything that keeps me living from day to day such as my life is,i will just have to ck out! i couldn't stand this severe pain or the other illnesses i have ", scary huh, but real they want us to drink away our pain? smoke pot to rid the pain till we end up in jail? I'm so upset right now an i am jibbering. so sorry, i just wanted to say i agree with some points you made....lord help us
  13. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    There is another thread that was started with a link that worked for me.
    Please go on and "sign your name" - it also gives you a place to write your testimony.

    This has to be completed before the 27th I believe.
    I would suggest going to all other websites you might visit and tell others to do the same.
    The American Pain Foundation is working hard to stop this from happening.

    For me personally, as many others here have stated - I'm just not sure how unbearable my life will become. Pain medication in no way takes away all of my pain, but it sure makes a difference between wanting to make it through the day and live, and not.

    I really don't know what they're thinking! As a Dr. once told me, when you're in the hospital, the nurses are in there every 4 hours making sure you're in no pain, as soon as you're out, the same concern is thrown out the window. So true.

    Please sign your name to the petition - tell your story, how much this would affect your life.
    I wanted to post the things I'd heard, that fibro pain can be as bad as end of life AIDS patients, but I didn't have the actual 'facts' to do so.
    It is sometimes worse for us as we have a life sentence of unrelenting pain.

    don't get me wrong, I'd rather have this than something that will end my life, but sometimes our lives are effected so horribly, that all we think about is ending the pain - somehow!

    thanks for doing your part!

  14. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    please, take the time to write in! We are about to be severly punished for the actions of illegal drug abuse! I don't know about anyone else, but I will be not only disabled without my medications, but will also become suicidal, because I cannot live in agony everyday! This should be an issue for law enforcement, not the FDA! If druggies can't find pills, they'll simply start taking other illegal drugs, like heroin, while those of us who actually need our pain meds will suffer for it! PLEASE.. If we don't write in, who will??
    PS I never abuse my meds, & wish with all my heart I didn't need them!
  15. yucca133

    yucca133 Member

    My opinion is that your statement that nearly everyone that dies from pain medication abuses them in some way is far too general a statement.

    There are many, many people who have died from methadone from taking ONE pill - as prescribed.

    Methadone is a "horse of a different color" in the drug world. The extremely long half life (up to 96 hours), heart arrythmias caused by methadone and interactions with a great many drugs that are often prescribed with methadone make it a potentially dangerous medication.

    My 34 year old son died last August from taking methadone "as prescribed" and I know that he was knowledgeable and careful with his medications for chronic pain.

    I have been taking pain meds for 20 years, but thankfully did react well when given methadone.

    Please look at sites such as Mothers Against Methadone Abuse and others about the tragic effects of methadone so that you will understand how dangerous this drug can be.

    There is a much safer form of methadone that is prescribed in Germany, but our powers-that-be have not seen fit to limit methadone to that form. The mighty dollar has much to do with the reasoning, I'm sure.

    I feel guilty every day for not educating myself about methadone BEFORE my son died.


  16. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    I just read your post and wanted you to know how deeply sorry I am on the death of your son. It broke my heart to hear your pain.

    There are no words to comfort you but please accept my sincere sympathy.

  17. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I am so sorry for your loss. I almost died while taking Methodone myself so I can understand the dangers of the drug. I think it is extremely important for family members to watch for drug reactions that are unusual and/or of concern and to report them to the prescribing physician.

    Don't take the word of the person taking the medication. I thought I was sick with the flu. I had no idea that I didn't know my birthday, how to get dressed, etc. I had a dangerous level of methodone in my system, and I was taking the medication as prescribed.

  18. yucca133

    yucca133 Member

    Thank you, Nancy and Deb for your replies and condolences.

    My son's death has been the most difficult thing that I have every dealt with. There are many times that I would rather not be here and deal with the despair of losing him.

    He lived in Maui and was a very talented ivory carver. We were scheduled to visit him two weeks after he passed. For various reasons, I hadn't seen him for five years, something I will regret for the rest of my life. We had a dream to combine our resources someday and live in Maui with our son.

    I meant to write in my post that when I was prescribed methadone I had a bad reaction (I've had a migraine for 4 days and my brain just isn't working correctly).

    A lawsuit will not bring my son back, but I hope it will keep others from dying from prescribed methadone. It is a lengthy, frustrting process dealing with the legal issues.

    I am very fortunate to have an understanding, loving husband to support me in many ways.

    Take care.

  19. pitoune

    pitoune New Member

    Yukka hon, please accept my most sincere condolences for the lost of your son. Yes I have heard horror stories on Methadone and would never take it myself because of the fear I have. Some people have a very low tolerance to medication and I am one of them. I've had my share of reactions to different kind of medication and ending up in the hospital because of them but as you said yourself, you are taking them without too much problem.

    It just goes to say that I don't agree with what the FDA are trying to do with our pain meds. I take 30mg Morphine SR twice a day and 20mg Morphine Statex prn during the day when the pain gets too severe. I also take Valium to stop the muscle spasms I have in my back and both my legs from the DDD. I've always been very careful as to write down what time I take them so I don't make a mistake and take it before my next dose is due if needed as I can only take them (the 20mg) q4h. Most of the time, I will go 5 to 6 hours without needing them but when in a flare, it seems like 4 hours is a long time to wait to try to ease some of that pain.

    I don't agree with what they are trying to do to us. These are the only meds that I take and I do need them. Without them, I would be bedridden all the time and I know I would become suicidal as the pain is bad enough with the meds, I don't even try to think what I would be like without them.

    I will make sure to go to that link that was posted and put my two cents worth in there. If I was bleeding or had my arm ripped out, they would take care of me and give me the meds and treatment I need but unfortunatly for us, nobody can see our pain. Even my doctor doesn't really believe in FM/CFS but because of my DDD, that he can see on an MRI and is treating me accordingly for that which is helping the pain of my FM. I think the FDA are a bunch of IDIOT that doesn't know anything about what it's like to suffer day in and day out. If they take my meds away from me, I guess I'll just have to sign out too cause I won't be able to live in agony.

  20. yucca133

    yucca133 Member

    Hi Rocky,

    My son's doctor was a male and his name does begin with a B.

    I don't know if my attorney will include him in litigation for sure. He wrote a couple of very nice letters when my son died. One was to the detective that was in charge of the investigation and the other to us. He agreed with us that he didn't feel that our son would have considered suicide and also that he was knowledgeable and careful with his meds.

    I think that with methadone it is more a problem with the drug itself being unpredictable with different people and their metabolisms. There is much speculation about the heart problems that can occur (including pulmonary edema which looks like pneumonia sometimes) and other cardiac problems. Therefore, I believe a lot of lawsuits will be directed at the manufacturers of methadone.

    I wish I knew then what I know now about methadone. I would have gotten my son health insurance so that he would have more choices of medication instead of the cheapest and most deadly!


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