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    Im gettting the feeling my Dr is getting tired of treating my FM/CFIDS/MFP/Back pain. I think he gets frustrated because there is no cure and every visit is pretty much the same ..status quo.

    I think he genunly cares about me but is a GP and treats alot of people that have a quick fix. Well the reality is what is. For us and there is no quick cure but a matter of maintaining a somewhat adaquate standard of life with the help of medication.

    Recently he wanted to try me on oxycontin and oxycodone but I asked him to try cymbalta instead along with what I was already on. He agreed and it realy has helped with the periferial type pain but not the deep or shooting,and constant back pain. For that I stil need all my usuall meds. I made the mistake of telling him that the first month I took the cymbalta that I took less pain meds.(I know that was a mistake now but I was so happy of my self because I hate relying on meds just to function every day..I was one who hate to tke a tylenol)

    He jotted down on a piece of paper (Arrow down)pain meds.
    So Im afraid he thinks now I need less.When I calld in my last refil I was given hydrocodon 5/500. I usualy take 10/650. Ive noticed a big difrerance.I was able to do more
    than I have been in a long time with the added cymbalta with the same meds I was on till he decreased it. He's on vacation so I havent ben able to talk to him.

    I feel like I'm on low doses of pain meds compared to others.

    Would you all please list your meds...Im sure this would help many people here. I'll start.

    1. Duragesic patch 25 mcg..Same dose for 4+ yrs-works well
    2. Hydrocodone 10/650 3x ..same dose for 4+ yrs-work well
    3.Cymbalta 60 mg 1x ..3 months -works well
    4.Lexapro 20mg 1x ..3 months - working ?
    5.Klonapin 0.5mg 1 2xday-was 3x Dr decreased? works great
    6.Soma 350mg 1/4-1/2 as needed for MFP Spasms- wks ok
    7.alprazalam 1mg 3x as needed only thing that helps heart
    8.Ambien 10 mg 1 at bedtime - works well

    Thank you all
    Blessings~ Sally
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    1.Kadian-60mg,2 times daily works well
    Neurontin 600mg 2 3 times daily=3600 works well
    Effexor-75mg 2 in the am works well
    cyclobenzaprine(flexiril)10 mg 1 1/2 3 times a day I definetly need
    Trazadone,150mg 2 before bed 1/2 mid afternoon working OK
    Ambien10 mg as needed instead of Trazadone for sleep,does its job-These are all the pills related to fibro Linda
  3. fmfriend

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    Please reply

    Thank you
  4. mrsED

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    Lyrica 100 mg 2x a day-helps with sleep
    oxycontin 20mg 2x a day for 2 years, helps some
    zoloft 75 mg
    tramadol 50 mg 3xday
    ambien 10 mg

    I don't feel that my pain is under good control.I am hypersensitive to meds and can't tolerate high doses of anything. I am moving soon and will be starting with a new dr. I'm hoping he may have some new ideas for me.
    I know my current Dr. cares and tries to help, but, like you, I get the feeling he just doesn't know what to do with me anymore.

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    Every one reacts different to pain medication so there is really no comparing what works for one person to another person.

    I have taken OTC for years, NSAIDs on and off and just this week started Darvocet N-100. I have always felt that pain medication interfered with my sleep but I have been in such a flare that I went to a physician and ask for something to help me and the NSAIDs were just not help me any more.

    I haven't been this bad in years.

    I hope you find relief,

    Karen :)