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    I was diagnosed with FMS about 9 months ago. The Doc. has put me on several differnet meds, nothing really for pain, because he doesn't like handing our pain perscriptions. I have tried Ultram, Ultracet and Skelaxin which made me sick and Vioxx which did the same. I'm in such a lot of pain right now...My back and neck hurt so bad and the burning is horrible. I grind my teeth at night and clench them during the day when I'm in pain and my head is killing me. I've read a little about Oxycontin, has anyone out here taken it and does it work for the pain? At this point, I'm will to try anything. I have a Doc. appt. tomorrow and if he doesn't do anything to help me, I'm finding someone who will. I can't take this anymore. I almost feel guilty asking for pain meds. that's kinda how he makes me feel. I feel like I've done something wrong. Anyone have any suggestions at all????
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    Hi there, It's so bad when you hurt so much and can not get anything to help it.I've done the Oxycontin thing and it made me sick. My Neuro put me on Norco,It's10 mg of Hydrocodone and 325 mg's of tylenol.It seems to work really good for me.I've tried alot of them before coming to this one. It works the best for me. Good luck ,I hope you find some one to help you soon. God Bless Danisue
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    Thank you. Your words help more than you realize.
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    I take Lorcet 10 and its great. I would say if this doctor does not help then get to a pain mgt. clinic. You probably need a referral to get into one. That is how I did it and without it I could not work. I know how you feel about pain. Look in your phone book and find the pain mgt. clinics and see if you do need a referral. Just call around and ask. I'm in Texas so in your state it might be different. ((((((((HUGS))))))))))
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    I was checking the phone book and I didn't know this, but my Doc. is internal medicine and his clinic is a Pain Management Clinic....OMG!
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    He put me on Morphine, an old tried-and-true drug, and it really helped me. I viewed it as a temporary situation until the Guai treatment, the Klonopin, and the physical therapy kicked in to help reduce the pain. I now seldom have to take it.

    Love, Mikie