Pain meds and phsyical therapy

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    My pain has been off the charts lately. I have started back exercising and since my pain has increased mostly in my ankles,feet and hips. My reheum. dr. gives me muscle relaxers and has given me ultram in the past. I took a muslce relaxer yesterday. Normally they make me sleepy but yesterday I was barely affected by it. I don't why I was not tired. Maybe it is the pain that is keeping me from being sleepy. I know Tuesday morniing I woke up at 3:30 am due to pain. I was not able to fall asleep til around 9:30 pm yet I was still in pain.

    Yesterday I had to see specialist that treats people with autonomic disorders. She wants me to see a physical therapist and have them work with me on exercises that won't cause me so much pain and she also wants the therapist to monitor my bp/hr during exercise since I am having things like numbness in my face,headaches and severe pain during exersice.

    I am so tired of all of this.

    I will be having a sleep study done and an autonomic test. I saw a neurologist yesterday and she said that poor sleep will enhance pain. I know that already but since I have never had a sleep study done I guess it is best I get this checked cause of all the other stuff I have going on.

    I took two of my daughters oxycotine today and it helped so much. I still have pain but not to the point I wanted to cry. Fortuantely my daughter no longer needs her oxycotine cause she had it to treat her pain after surgery. If my reheum. knew I took this med. she would drop me as a patient. I had to sign an agreement with her to not take any medication especially pain medication unless she has given it to me. I wish she only knew how bad the pain can be. I am doing all that she has told me to do. I am exercising to build muscle and to lose weight(lost 5 pounds so far, I am proud) and also doing stretching to help with joint stiffness.

    I don't know what else to do. I feel like I have been given up on by my reheum. dr. I just don't know how much more pain I can handle. I walk like I am 100 years old. I limp,have trouble straighting up, I walk slower and it is just getting to be too much. I have problems with depression and at times it can be very bad. Just when do dr.'s know it is time to treat the pain seriously?

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    It doesn't matter how hard you try to follow all directions and exercise etc., if you're in severe pain (at least me) it's almost impossible to do.

    Can you ask your rheumatologist for something stronger than Ultram? Do you have a regular GP that you see as well? I'd be telling her how much pain you're in and HOW IT EFFECTS YOU, that you are doing everything she has suggested, but the pain is beyond your control. Have you asked and been denied?

    I've had such pain before that I am now actually so fearful of. I am grateful that I do have a dr. who prescribes pain medication. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't, but at least it takes the edge off.

    Don't suffer - and don't give up. Keep asking or find someone who will help you!
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    My pain is so severe at times that it is immpossible to walk straight up. I know what you mean by being afraid of the pain. I remember all to well what it was like in 2006. I was working out 5-6 days a week. An hour of cardio and weight lifting. Then come May and it all stopped.

    I just blew the pain and fatigue off as just part of working out. But I ended up in the worst long term pain ever. Having a baby is pain but it goes away. Fibro. for me has been so severe at times that I would just panic.

    My reheumy. just will not give out pain meds. She recommends vitamins, exercise, ultram and muscle relaxers. If I were to taken pain meds. given to me from another dr. I would have to call her and tell her why or else she will no longer treat me.

    I am thinking about letting my GP take control of my care. I know that he would give me pain meds. Anything better than ultram and muslce relaxers.

    All I can do is try to do the things that are suppose to help me like exercise but it is hard. The one drug that did help was an anti inflam. perscription but while I was on it I had severe swelling in the feet,ankles and calves. That can't be good. All the commercials about celebrex and the affect it can have on the heart can scare of you and believe me it scared me enough to stop taking it. But it really did help with my pain. I have a terrible time with bursitis too.

    It is so hard.

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