Pain meds and sensitive stomach?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by twin2, Jul 11, 2003.

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    Hi folks! I need your advice again. I've tried a few different meds to relieve my joint pain, but they either didn't work, made me nauseous, or both! Darvocet, Naprosyn and Vioxx didn't work. Ultram and Vioxx made me sick. Oxycontin worked but after a short time that too made me a bit nauseous. Motrin was the only thing, so far, that eased the pain enough during a flare to sleep. But now my doc wants me to use it very sparingly because 2 of the liver readings on my blood test came back a little high.

    I don't use Motrin all the time - don't like meds. I used it mostly before bed. If I get a good night's sleep, I feel MUCH better in the morning. Doc put me on Ambien to sleep but if I don't take the Motrin, I'm up after 4 hours because of the pain.

    Does anyone know of a pain reliever that may help but is mild on the stomach and won't affect my liver? I should mention, too, that I'm allergic to sulfa drugs.

    I greatly appreciate your input!

    Thanks a bunch,
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    out. It is put out by Metagenics. It's called Kaprex. Now, I don't have high levels of pain, so I don't know how effective it would be. But it is stomach friendly and supposedly liver friendly too. I have used it and it didn't upset my stomach, and everything upsets my stomach. . . But as I say, my pain is achiness and joint specific but not morphine level pain.

    I have in the past used pepcid complete and full meals when taking meds that upset my stomach. Most of the time it works. When it didn't I have had to take a phenergan suppository to stop the terrible nausea. Hope you find something that works. -Karen
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    Thanks for the info. Like you, most meds upset my stomach even when I take them with a meal. I hope the Kaprex works for me. It's worth a try. :)

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    Cindy, try the Duragesic patches. I had alot of trouble with my stomach, went on the patches and they are great for me. You only have to change them every three days.

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    I'am all so using duragesic for pain.I only wished that my
    GI doctor had told me about this sooner.I take a lot meds
    and there is a lot of pain meds that I can not take because
    they interfear with my every day meds.Duragesic releases
    the pain medicine 24-7 and she is right you only change the
    patch every three days.It does not upset my stomach and it
    does a very good job at reliving the pain.Ask your doctor
    about,and good luck.
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    Thanks, folks, for the info on the patches. I haven't talked to my doc yet but I'll be sure to mention the two options I've read about from your replies. My chances of finding a tolerable med are increasing! Yipee!

    Thanks a bunch,
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    You can get any pain med without the Tylenol in it to stop the liver from going bad such as Vicodin or the Darvon. Also you can try Actiq, which is a Fentanyl lollipop, tastes good and lasting relief. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist for options. I have also used Demerol with Phenergan placed in it for pain and the Phenergan stops the nausea. Like I said talk it over with the doc and see what other options you have. There are many...