Pain meds don't last long enough

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by discoverygal, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. discoverygal

    discoverygal New Member

    I have my second visit with pain management clinic in 2 weeks. I'm finding that the 5mg Percocets barely last 3.5 hours. Does anyone else have this problem? Any ideas what to ask for at my dr appt?
  2. debugg

    debugg New Member

    I take them too.. but they gave me stronger one's 10/325 and they seem to last longer but some days the pain is too much and I could take them every hour.. I dont of course but I feel like it. I'll take one and then wait and hour and take a 1/2 if it doesnt work or more sometimes my doctor said its ok to take 9 a day and if you take 5 in the morning its fine and none in afternoon if the mornings bad. it just depends. I would tell them you may need the stronger med or more of the 5/325's a day... good luck.
  3. discoverygal

    discoverygal New Member

    Wow, 9 a day. I get enough for only 2 a day.
  4. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    hi sorry your in pain. hasnt your pain dr told you that what your taking is a short acting ? have you tried methadone/morphine? its longer acting and cleaner. i cant take them but ive heard alot of us can. the percocet is half tylanol and half oxycodone an opiate. so i told my dr i was worried about my liver so she gives me straight 5mgs of oxycodone. yes its very short acting. i take it 6x a day but i also have to take a longer acting one but i cant take methadone/morphine which most pain dr only like to give,so my family dr gives me also oxycontin 10mgs 2 x day ,that has really helped me stop constantly looking at the clock and wishing it was time to take my pain meds. also neurontin ,i take a very small dose, why i think im very sent. to medicines but i take 100mgs 4 x day helps w/ the pain ,thingling in my arms and legs also w/ the sharp shooting drop you to the ground knife like pain alot of us get.i also take 1.5 mgs of clonzepam at night for RLS and sleep plus 30mgs prozac.i get my liver checked every 6 months, so far so good. ive been doing this for over 2 years. and no it dosnt take the pain away, just the edge off most days, but i also am at a 8-9 pain scale on a good day thats w/ meds. 10 plus on a day that i get a cold or stress or ect. i dont know what else to do but just keep on keeping on , one min. after another. and w/ jesus/you all here i hope to make it one more day. good luck GOD BLESS- BLKKAT- hope in some way this can help. just know were here for YOU!!! maybe print out some of what we go through and let your dr reveiw them so he doesnt think your a drug seeker- drs are funny about giving out drugs that are asked for by name.
  5. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    nooone will help us!!! I was up most of last night, again.
    Im sooo tired of this and fighting my rheumy for anything. They upped the neuronton to 600mg last mth and it does nothing. Im on darvocet and loratab and I truly believe they are the only pain meds I have that works. Im on so many meds and Im so tired. But I can only take the loratab as directed or I would run out before the end of the mth. The dr wants to cut my darvocet down to half. From up to 6 in a 24hr to 3 a day. I have a tens unit but the patches cause a rash every time I try it. and Ive tried every patch made.

    I pray that the pain clinic will be able to help you. I would go ahead and call now if the pain is too bad and explain what you told us. Just that. Its to the point and shouldnt suprise a pain dr that they dont last long.

    Best of luck. Suzette
  6. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    Some days, I think I could take the whole bottle of norco and still be writhing in pain. I think that's why docs are so exasperated with us.
  7. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    I also have the same problem as you.

    Unfortuanatly, being 26, I guess I should consider myself fortunate to have a doctor that will prescribe me any pain meds.

    I currently take Vicodin 10/325 every 4 hours. Some days, like the others, I dont think that even the 6 I take in a day would help in one dose,,,although I would never ever try it!

    I was started on Vicoding 7.5/700 once every 6 hours then raised to 10/325 every 6 hours and shortly after that every 4 hours.

    In my opinion Percocet help me no more than the Vicodin do even though they are a Schedule II narcotic.

    I would suggest possibly trying Dilaudid which I have heard is considered stronger than Percocet in the medical profession. I was given it by injection after a surgery and it did help me, but I also understand that drugs given IV work much better.

    I was on Fentanyl Duragesic Patches for a period of a year and they helped me greatly, but if you plan on being on pain meds long term, I would try to stay on the lowest form of narcotic that will help.

    Your doctor will know better than anyone here. This is just my opinion and experiences...I could never take the place of a doctor.

    I hope you find the help that you do many of us!!

  8. debugg

    debugg New Member

    Wow your lucky!! 2 a day!? How? I must be worse or something.. my doctor is the head of the hospital and runs all the pain mngmts and he assures me its safe.. it isnt is it? :( Ive been on weight watchers for a month and I drink at least 100 oz's of water a day hoping Im helping my liver.. Im so down. I hate fibro. I didnt sleep and Im dragging my butt to work again. Sorry! I need to try to cheer up. :) I will.
  9. discoverygal

    discoverygal New Member

    I'm sorry your down today Debugg. Sometimes it's hard to be positive,but that is what usually gets me through each day. Think about the good things that are in your life. I have a lot to be thankful for and those things keep me going.
    Gentle hugs to you.
  10. kel589

    kel589 New Member

    I was told cough surup dm.extends pain meds working.phenagren anti nausea meds help also.cough surup with DM in it does help I have tried it.Its very cheap at any store.
  11. LouiseK

    LouiseK New Member

    It's so tragic to hear of people so young being strapped with this horrible disease. My heart goes out to you.

    Since we are on the topic of pain relievers I am wondering why you went off the Duragesic if it was helping you a lot. I am considering going on this patch and trying to get some input in advance rather than after the fact.

    Best wishes to you!
  12. kelleyc

    kelleyc New Member

    My pain doctor put me on Oxycotin 10mg extended release caps twice a day because they last 12 hours and 7.5mg hydrocodone 2 to 3 times a day for break through pain. The oxycotin really helps a lot and I don't always have to take my full dose of the other. I have a really good pain doctor. He is very sympathetic and understanding.
  13. pearls

    pearls New Member

    Here's my story:

    I've had fibromyalgia with chronic fatigue and myofascial pain now for seven years. It took awhile to be diagnosed, of course, but even longer because my worst compaint was chest pain. So I had to have cardiac catherization, pulmonary tests, endoscopy and so forth.

    Finally, I was sent to a pain management specialist - a really good one. He only prescribed Vicodin for pain, at first, and put me on several other drugs for other symptoms. Once he gave me a diagnosis, we really went to work, trying this and that to find the right combinations for me. When the Vicodin was not working, he put me on Oxycontin. We had to keep upping the dosage until I was on 120 MG per day of Oxycontin, with four and up to six Vicodin per day for relief of breakthrough pain.

    He took me up over the mountain of pain, as it were, and back down the other side. I kept a journal of how many Vicodin I took each day and for what pain, and a weekly report of the average numbers of pills I took. When it was obvious I'd leveled off, and wasn't needing so many Vicodin, my doctor started weaning me off the Oxycontin. It took a long time. It had to be done very gradually or I would go into withdrawal. At one point, I felt terrible, but wasn't in pain. My doctor figured out that I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms and made the necessary adjustments in how fast I went off the Oxycontin. I didn't have any more withdrawal problems after that.

    I am now completely off the Oxycontin, and have been for maybe a year now. I still use the Vicodin, but can go for days and even a week or more without taking any at all. When I have chest pain, though, I take Vicodin because over-the-counter drugs won't help. Sometimes, it doesn't do the job, and I have to try other things, like trigger point massage (which I should have tried before I took the Vicodin, to be honest). Even if I should have a bad day and nothing really takes care of the pain, I don't have nearly the kind of debilitating pain I had before. I still experience exhaustion and other symptoms of this disease, but everything is much better in comparison.

    Huck, I've wondered about The Road Not Taken, but can honestly say that this pain management specialist - my doctor - has given me a road out of hell. If you take this road, it is vital to have a doctor you can trust. I probably wouldn't have done this had there been a doctor who specialized in natural remedies, but I live in the country with only a medium-sized and small cities around for a hundred and fifty miles. So I waited for the highly recommended doctor to have an opening and trusted him. I felt there was actually no other road for me. On the other hand, had I been able to take that other road, I can't say for sure it would have worked for me, either.

    The idea with this is to get the dosage high enough to get past the pain, which is tricky because it is true that people get to needing more and more to do the job. I think the idea is to not go too slow, but not go too fast, either. Then, once the pain is adequately covered, it may be possible to wean a person off - or at least to a lower dosage.

    It certainly is important to treat pain by one way or another because chronic pain can lead to a whole cascade of other problems, each of which is capable of leading to more problems, and so forth.

    There is a difference between dependence and addiction. We do become dependent on our pain meds, and will have to be weaned off of them if we get to the place where we can be weaned. Addiction, though, is when a person not only is dependent, but is abusing the drugs. That means the person takes them to get high and takes them not according to the doctor's prescription. I was always very careful to ask my doctor if I wasn't sure about how I was taking the drugs. I never got high, and I never took them in a way that was not allowed.

    For that reason, I don't like the idea, for instance, of taking cough medicine to stretch out the time the meds are working. The best solution is 1) to find other ways to cope, and 2) tell your doctor how they are not working for you and work with him to get the right dosage. Hopefully, your doctor can work with you on this.

    There is a big trust issue. Doctors have gone to prison for prescribing what is perceived by law enforcement to be too many pain pills to too many people. Pain management docs, of course, prescribe a lot of pain pills to a lot of people, and they are in the cross-hairs, as it were, of anyone who is suspect of pain management. I had to make myself as honest as possible. He had to know he could trust me to take the drugs only as prescribed and to safeguard them from theft or loss.

    Do get a copy of "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" by Clair Davies. I use trigger point therapy on myself when my meds are not working and often before I try using the meds. It works. The book is inexpensive and very helpful. Everyone with chronic pain should own and use this book.

    I can attest that it is possible to have one's pain managed and the disease reduced to a point where one can deal with it - most of the time.

    Pearl S.
  14. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    Sorry to hear you are down. I can no longer drag my butt to work :-( I had to call my boss and have him initiate short term disability. My future really scares me.
  15. featherme

    featherme New Member

    have mentioned, not in this day and age. I just screamed my way through a colonoscopy because they doubled what they give normal people but it still wasn't enough. They couldn't give me any more because my breathing was decreasing. When will these doctors believe fibro causes extra pain? I am on lyrica - 300 mg. per day and 7.5/500 lortabs prn. I am still in pain from the colonoscopy on Monday. If there is ever a next time, it will be with general anesthesia! I think he was rushing because of my screaming and that didn't help!

    Dr. Robert Bennett says

    General Pain. The use of NSAIDs (e.g., ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.) is usually disappointing; it is unusual for FM patients to experience more than a 20% relief of their pain, but many consider this to be worthwhile. Narcotics (propoxyphene, codeine, and oxycodone) often provide a worthwhile relief of pain. In most patients, concerns about addiction, dependency and tolerance are ill founded. Ultram (Tramadol) and Ultracet (tramadol + Tylenol), are the most useful pain medications in many patients. They both have the advantages of having a low abuse potential and is not a prostaglandin inhibitor; tramadol reduces the epileptogenic threshold and it should not be used in patients with seizure disorders.

    url -

    feather me
  16. pearls

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  17. achingbytch

    achingbytch New Member

    I'm not a doc, I'm a patient. I was on Neurontin for depression (nothing else was working). I blew up close to 400 lbs on Neurontin and stayed depressed. BTW, my diet had NOT changed. I've lost most of the weight after stopping Neurontin cold turkey, something I do not advise anyone else try.
    Neurontin was developed as an anti seizure med and is used primarily for that purpose. CAn any patient not needing anti seizure meds explain what bill of good their doc sold them when prescribing Neurontin for FM??

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