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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dan0248, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. dan0248

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    I've had to switch Physicians and that means to start all over again, more blood work, test, another EMG. The only beef I have is that my new Doctor has changed my one and only pain subscription of Hydrocodnoe from 750 to 650. I went from using as a rule two a day 750 (worse case three) to four and at times 5, of the 650 mg, it isn’t strong enough and doesn’t last as long for some reason. What is a good pain med., I want to be able to function; I do not want to be a potted houseplant. I am so sick of this 24/7 pain that I am ready to try anything. I heard about an electric impulse machine that helps control the pain, something about a TENS, thing, have any of you all ever tried it. This damn diease is catching up with me, my youngest son has moved back to his mother’s (my ex) because of my temperament, he says I’m just to damn grouchy, my wife says I’m to cantankerous, my daughters say I’m to snappish and my grand daughter says I’m grumpy. I really try to leave this at the shop door, used to be at the office but not any more, has any one got a better idea. I can sure use some help. Thanks.
  2. Jana1

    Jana1 New Member

    Dan, It might be a real good thing you are switching doctors, because there are lots of meds and combinations that might help you. Have you ever had a doctor that really works with you to find out what makes your pain workable?

    I got mine under control using 10 ml oxy 2 times a day, and 40 mg methadone 2 times a day. I started at a higher dose, but with doing other things like hot tubs, gentle exercise and watching my diet for too much sugar, etc, I was able to cut far down. This seems to be the lowest I can go and do normal things.

    I have been feeling so much better, I decided to use the gaui protocol that Mikie tells that helped her so much. I would like to not take any meds at all and still be able to garden and play with my grandchildren. I am hopeful.

    Are you in a bad mood because you hurt so much? Or what is causing that?

    My husband has a big shop too and uses it for a break from his regular work. I love the way a shop smells!

    Good luck with your new doctor..I am sorry for your constant pain and can honestly say I understand it completely!

  3. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Maybe you need to explain this to your new doc.

    Tell him that this lower strength is just not helping you, and tell him what you told us--about what all your family members tell you.

    Explain that you just can not function during the day and carry on with the things that you need to get done because of the pain. Maybe he would consider increasing your pain med back to the 750.

    In the meantime, try taking 600 mg of ibuprofen a couple hours after you take your other pain med as an additional boost to it.

    That electric impulse machine that helps control the pain may be either the TENS unit or something that is implanted in your spine to control the pain like Jerry Lewis had done. Maybe if you ask your doc about the procedure that Jerry Lewis had done, he will know you are serious about your pain.

    A TENS unit may help you, I don't know. I can't use one because of my pacemaker so I don't know if they help fibro or not.

    Have you tried a heating pad? Mine is my best friend!!

    How about Cymbalta and Neurotin? I also take both of those and they both really help my pain level.

    Have you had a sleep study? I have have sleep apnea and sleep with a CPAP machine with oxygen, and it has really helped my sleep which helps your muscles.

  4. ilovepink4

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    i use fentanyl patches delivers a steady dose of pain replace it every few days...(i found a solution to keeping them from falling off if you need helpwith that)...i also take percocet...

    hope you find something that works!
  5. goodmood4me

    goodmood4me New Member

    hi. i too use these patches which sometimes work & sometimes don't. could you share the strength you take that works and the system to keep them from falling off? thanks.
  6. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    The tens unit does help with fibro. They use it on me at every PT session I go to in combonation with a massage and heat packs. I only wish that the relieve would last longer then a couple of hours.

    They did tell me that a tens unit is not to be used all the time because your body gets used to it. Requering you to turn up the juice which is not a good thing for people with fibro

    I take oxycodone 2 10mg during the day and usually three vicodin 5/500. It seems to work most of the time, and by the time its time to go to bed I sleep through to the next morning now.


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