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    I have had FM for 2 years. At first I just lived with it since doctors wouldn't listen to me. I finally found a doctor who figured out what was going on and sent me to pain doctor. I have been going to him for 8 months. I have been taking Hydrocodone 10mg 3 times a day for pain. This had been working fine but the past month since it has gotten cold it doesn't seem to be touching the pain and doesn't work for 8 hours. I also take Cymbalta and Clonipin to help me sleep. I am not sure if there is a higher dose that can be taken or if I will have to go to stronger pain medicine. I think what I take is already strong and am scared about going to something stronger but just can't take the constant pain. Just wondering what other people have experienced with this. I go to the doctor Thursday and am nervous about what changes he will make to my medicine.
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    I have had fibro, lupus, severe arthritis, gout, severe back problems, and other pain relating problems for many, many years.

    You mention that you are scared about going to a stronger paid med but just can't take the constant pain.

    I agree with you that I, too, would be scared to go on stronger pain meds. I personally don't believe in taking daily strong narcotic pain meds. They are so easy to become dependent upon and/or addicted to, no matter what others with tell you. This is a touch subject on the fibro message board and I hate to voice my personal opinion because of that reason. However, the stronger the meds that you are on, the less effective they will be when you need them, for example, after surgeries, etc. Your body gets used to having the narcotic in it, then it quits working and you need stronger and stronger, etc. Remember that some pain doctors that you go to will only push more pain meds.

    Instead of the narcotics, have you tried Neurontin or Lyrica which are prescribed for fibro? What about Cymbalta? I take Neurontin and Cymbalta. I also take Zanaflex at bedtime to help me sleep. Elavil is also good to take at bedtime to help you sleep. Have you tried the non-narcotic paid med Ultram or Ultracet? You can take that and alternate it with Motrin.

    I also use ice packs and heating pads a lot for my pain. If you live close to a facility that has a pool, the water aerobics are terrific for fibro. I have taken them a lot and they do help.

    Good luck. I hope you begin to feel better and find a combination of meds that will work for you.