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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chris350, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. chris350

    chris350 New Member

    I am using a new pain doc tomorrow. Would several of you just type quickly the meds you are on for pain. Nothing formal, it hurts my hands to type.

  2. abbylee

    abbylee New Member

    I take 80 mgs of Methadone per day. I take 20 in the morning, 20 in the afternoon, and 40 at bedtime. In addition, I take oxycodone for breakthrough pain.

    Xyrem has also helped my pain. I had a sleep study in November of 2003, and started on Xyrem shortly thereafter. After about 6 weeks, I noticed less pain, more mobility, and I didn't fall asleep during the day anymore.

    Methadone is a good pain med (in doctors' opinions) because if taken by tablet it doesn't cause a "high." Doctors are so afraid we might "feel good in the head" from pain meds that they hesitate to give them. Methadone is "safe" in that sense, as it doesn't make one "high."

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  3. cbella

    cbella New Member

    I take Ultram in the day and at night sometimes I have to take Lortab to help with the pain. Hope this helps...cbella
  4. qnjamie

    qnjamie New Member

    I take Ultram and flexeril for muscle pain.
    I take levsin for abd pain. Wonderful drug for IBS, colitis, and chemical sensitivies, such as MSG.
    I live in pain everyday. My doctor refuses to give narcotic pain killers so I never have pain free days.
    Anything you get is an experiment.
    You might be able to have him give you more than one script in case one really sucks you can fill the other.
  5. LottieWilkins

    LottieWilkins New Member

    Hydrocodone for direct pain--I try to keep the doses at a minimum, but also just take it regularly. To let the pain go just wears me out.

    Ultram was fantastic, and is what my mother and aunt take for this daily, and very successfully (unfortunately gives me nausea and headaches). Ironically, muscle relaxers aggravate the chronic fatigue for me.

    Also take Xanax. The pain doc won't prescribe that, but works with the primary care doc who does. It's made a great difference by cushioning my nervous system from inputs during the day. That helps keep the pain somewhat bearable as well.
  6. heartinheaven

    heartinheaven New Member

    8 a day, but might as well take an asprin for what its worth.
    Hope they give you what you need.


    H Michael
  7. elsa

    elsa New Member

    1. Tramadol ( ultram ) 50mgs 2 every 6 hours.

    2. Ibuprofen 600 to 800mgs every 6 hours.

    3. Flexeril 5mgs. I'm very sensitive to muscle

    relaxers, so I take 2.5mgs every 4

    hours as needed. It does it's job very

    well, it's just I don't like to feel


    4. Aciphex 20mgs to protect my stomach (1xd)

    5. I don't have anything for break through pain but I

    plan to talk to my doctor about it at my next

    check up as colder weather is right around the


    Good luck,

  8. moxiepup

    moxiepup New Member

    I real quick list.. I take 175mcg of Fentanyl(Duragesic Patch) every 3 days, I have Oxycodone 7.5/325 for breakthrough. I take Achipex 20mg x 2, Toprol XL25 once a day, Celexa 40mg once a day,Spivira once a day(Asthma Inhaler)Zyrtec once a day. Klonopin 0.25mg

    At night I take Neurontin 1200mg, Klonopin 0.25mg I can take 1 or 2 if I want, Valtrex 1grm l a day,3 ZMA, 1 Jarro-Dophulus.

    I have just started on Provigil, I started then stopped a whole one didn't agree with me but I'm giving it another try so I'm back on a half 100mgs in a.m.

    Whew sounds like a lot to me but it keeps me going :))

    Good luck at the Drs. I wouldn't ask for things by name he might get a little suspicious if you do that, see what he says and take it from there.

    I also have severe sleep apenea 120 wakings in an hr hard to believe, I've been through like 6 diff masks I'm still looking for the right one as I have to use a Bi-Pap machine.
    I forgot to say i have FMS/CFIDS/CEBV/HCV-2

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  9. pmj952

    pmj952 New Member

    I take MScontin 60mg three times a day and then another 60mg at night with an order to repeat during the night if necessary.

    Also take Lorcet (hydrocodone) occasionally for breakthrough pain.

    Hope this helps.
    Deb J.
  10. JLH

    JLH New Member

    For fibro:

    Neurotin, 300 mg. 3xday

    Cymbalta, 60 mg. 1 x day

    Zanaflex, 6 mg before bedtime

    For major back problems:
    Lortab 7.5 - this helps my back but does no good for the fibro pain.

  11. chris350

    chris350 New Member

    Guys thanks for your info.

    I went to a new Pain Mgmt dr. today. He wants me on 200mcg patches every 48 hours and dilaudid for BTP. I wish there was a better substitute for Break through pain than Dilaudid. If you know of one - let me know.

    Everyone - thanks for taking time to respond.
  12. moxiepup

    moxiepup New Member

    Hi Chris: If you read my post you can see that I'm on the Duragesic Fentanyl Patch..generic didn't work on me. Most Drs start you out low on the patch 25mcg then increase by 25 but if you have been on opiods any length of time the 25 is pretty much a waste of $.

    The only thing I've tried that agreed with me for break through pain is Oxcodone 10/325 or Oxycodone7.5/325 I have both. I have been on the patch for 2yrs I originally started using it for my back, now it's strictly for Fibro pain, my one constant has been pain in my legs from day 1 and even on the meds they still ache.

    Dilauid from what I understand is a powerful drug all on it's own and to start you at 200mcg every 48hrs is very powerful stuff. Most Drs Rx the patch for 72hrs, I really need it for 48hrs but my ins co wouldn't pay. My Dr had to fight with them to get me back on the Duragesic once the generic came out, now she has to write on the bottom of the script "Medically Necessary" or they won't pay.

    Good luck with whatever you deceide and can you let me know how you are doing on that dose? Oh I forgot I'm up to 175mcg right now I hope to stay there :))

    take care,

  13. Rose_Red

    Rose_Red New Member

    ultram - 2 tab 4x daily
    flexeril - up to 30mg daily for breakthrough pain and muscle spasm prn
    motrin 800mg up to 3x daily prn
    talacen - heavy narcotic for that heavy duty pain, prn
    inderal 10mg 3x daily - also helps with pain
    xanax 1mg 3x daily for nerves and muscle spasm
    lidoderm patch up to 3 daily prn
    robaxin (muscle relaxer) when flexeril isn't enough prn

    one word about methadone. Ok 2 words. you can get high if you take enough. if your pain is that bad you won't get spacey.

    other word about methadone - it tore up my stomach. bleeding ulcers, swallowing cameras and prilosec and prevacid forever!

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I too am glad your appt went well..

    Also as another posted I am interested on how well the patch will help...please keep us posted on how it goes for you.

    Right now and have been on most for awhile now, Here is my list:

    *Oxycotin- 20mg 3x a day(majored of time try to take only 2)

    *Hydrocodone- 10/500 for breakthrough pain(usually taken 2 or 3x a day depending on pain level)This is a good breakthrough pain med...It usually starts working on the pain pretty quick, but just dosent last long.

    *Xanax- 1mg 3x a day (try to stay at 2x a day)

    *Zanaflex- 4mg 1 to 3 over a 7 day period only take when really bad spasms hit.

    Not everything I take but whats listed above is whats taken for Pain and muscle spasms except the xanax is mostly taken for Anxiety and Panic but does seem to help sometimes in dulling the pain.

    I hope the patches will work well for you and please let us know if it does help and I hope you will find a good breakthrough Med.

  15. motherof4

    motherof4 New Member

    I am on Fentanyl 75 mcg every 72 hours and take no more than 3 10/325 hydrocodones for BTP. Just remember to not put a heating pad on that will cause an overdose and kill you. Dilaudid is a very strong narcotic and is highly addictive--I know I was addicted to it my last Fibro flare up. Just be careful. I worry about people on so many meds. I remember a story about a gal where I was living at the time. She put a friends patch on, put on the heating pad and was dead the next day. That strong of patch every 48 hours just sounds risky. Maybe you should get a second opinion. Don't get me wrong here--I am a nurse and believe that pain is the 5th vital sign. No one should be in pain. But, I would hate to see an accidental overdose due to a Doctor over prescribing. Take care and let me know how you feel on those patches. By the way, have you ever used the patch before?

  16. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Right now: ultrams
    (up to 6 a day) and Zanaflex just for night-time.(2mgs)
    chintzy stinkin drs.!!

    I hear Norco are good,and vicoden

    wishing you lots of Luck!
    hope you have a easier time :)

  17. BabiCati

    BabiCati New Member

    I put it up earlier but it is gone now, too many posts.

    You might want to print it out and take it to your doc.
  18. elizajane40

    elizajane40 New Member

    Ultram 100 mg's twice daily
    Hydrocodone but only if I have to.
    Desipramine 75 mg's daily

  19. lilac123

    lilac123 New Member

    Hi Chris,

    I don't know what type of pain doc you are going to. I was sent to a Rhuematologist for FM, etc. last year.

    I have tried many different things and found the "recipe" I have now seems to work the best for me. Just need to adjust the times I take it I think. Seem to feel the best late at night.

    Avinza 120mg tablet. (time released morphine) helps alot!!
    don't notice a "high" just notice if I don't take it lots of pain.

    Vicodin taken for breakthrough pain. I take these throughout the day but never exceed the recommended dosage.

    Lexapro 20mg. (depression/anxiety)

    Very Best to You and take care. It may take some trying things to find what is best for you.


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