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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ksev, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. ksev

    ksev New Member

    Ok, I have been taking my vicodin off and on for three weeks and what a difference. I had forgotten how it feels not to have the stabbing up and down my spine all the time. This is the only thing that has helped me in almost 10yrs. I see my Dr. next Wed. for a month follow up since I was told what is wrong with me. My problem is I so worry about taking the meds. I know that is stupid why would I want to keep suffering if I have found something that helps. It's the class of the med. that scares me, I have read up on it so know alot about it. Guess I just need more people to encourage me to quit worring about taking 2 or 3 a day. PLEASE LET ME KNOW THOSE OF YOU WHO TAKE IT YOUR FEELINGS ON ME BEING SO AFRAID OF THIS MED. I will so appreciate an response.
    Hugs to you all, love this site.
  2. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    These are very similar to Vicodins. I am allowed up to 4 a day, but my days are short because I sleep until 11:30 AM, normally. I have a hard time sleeping through the night.

    I usually just take one Lortab around 1 PM and that will last most of the rest of the day. I'm not afraid of any of the meds I take. I'm more afraid of the dietary supplements than I am of the Rx meds. I notice the Lortabs pep me up a lot at one point and I feel more energy on them.

    I have a very bad track record with dietary supplements.

    I'm glad you are doing well with Vicodin. Hope you continue feeling better.


  3. Msdxp

    Msdxp New Member

    Im so happy to know people are questioning the use of pain meds. We of the take two aspirin and call me in the morning genaration. We never question anything a doctor said pain or no pain. I've been on pain medication for the past three years. Would I do it again? Yes, for me at my age(56 yrs) It gave me my life back.Now if I was younger(20 or 30)I would ask alot of questions about long term uses.Each one of us have differant pain levels.As I take more pain meds my body no longer want to fight pain.Find a good Pain Clinic.And yes everyone has the right to be out of pain.Be careful of the cost. Good night!

  4. trinity3

    trinity3 New Member

    yes, i take vicodin... i have for a couple of years, as it is the only thing that controls my pain and gives me any chance at functioning anywhere close to a normal life...

    it is true that if you take your meds as prescribed and for legitimate pain, you have a very small chance of becoming addicted to them... however! your body WILL become dependant on them if you take them long enough...and should you (hopefully) ever get better enough not to need them, you WILL have to wean off of them or you will go through withdrawl...

    many of us have had this happen... there is a difference between being addicted and having your body develop a dependance... but beware! alot of doctors dont see the difference and will treat you like an addict if you are on them for a long time...

    i believe in pain meds for the good of my life... they are truly a wonderful thing!! but they can definately bring on a new set of troubles...

    i say, definately take them, they will give you relief and also maybe the peace of mind that comes with relief from chronic pain!! just be careful and aware.

    *best wishes*
  5. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I started having a lot of Physical pain, from different conditions, and I had 3 surgery's in 18 months, and my Pain load was off their Pain Sacle.
    For years.

    I was able to find some Doctor's in Ca., who were able to treat me, and also figure out that I also had FMS/CMPD along with the other conditions.

    I started on the Vicodin 750, went down to the 500, when my pain was under control. I stayed there for years at that dose.
    Then the last 3 years, I have had more Pain due to a condition that they can't fix, right now at least.

    So I am now on Norco 10/350. The Tylenol is reduced, so it won't be so hard on my Liver. The Hydrocodone, is rasied, so that I get more Pain relief.
    I am finally feeling better, still have my ups and down's, but most day's I do Really good.

    I take them 1 every 4/5 hours, and I don't get looped, thank goodness. Codine makes me deathly ill, so I am grateful for this Med, instead of having to take the next step up in the Pain Med scale, for me.
    That would be Percocet (sp?), because I can tolerate that one also.

    Hope you find the right Dose for you, it does make a big difference in My Quailty of Life right now.
    Never thought I would be laid up this early in life, but it does run in the Family, and I saw my Grandma, and Mom, give up, and not fight it.

    Not me, ;o) I will keep going as long as I can,
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  6. Vicodin is the only thing that helps me, I take it only if really needed. I am so happy to find something that halps. good luck.
  7. ksev

    ksev New Member

    You are so sweet with your encouragement, I have suffered for so long as I have said. I also have post polio, I don't mean to sound like poor me but have been through alot of physical pain in my life. My husband is most supportive as well as our grown children. Last night when I got home from choir practice I was in alot of pain. I only took a half pill and when one sings it takes alot of usage of the back and stomach muscles and nerves. I was having the stabbing real bad in the spine. Poor me, thats enough about me. I was just saying thanks.
  8. lauralea443

    lauralea443 New Member

    if it helps what's the difference. Not like you are taking them to get high (we wish) LOL

    I think most of use go through this, "oh I'm going to become a drug addict" or I shouldn't have to take pain meds all the time maybe it's not really that bad.

    Well I found out how untrue that really is. I in error ran out of my meds that help me sleep. Because of the type of medical coverage I have I order by mail. It took a week to get my meds and in that time I was a walking zombie. I didn't realize how bad I use to feel.

    Is it worth it, damn right it is. Until we all receive that magic wand that we can wave and it will make us all better, take the meds. Live life....

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  9. ksev

    ksev New Member

    Thank you for your kind words, I think this will help me.
    I hope you are not in alot of pain today.
    hugs and good thoughts your way.
  10. ksev

    ksev New Member

    Thank your for taking the time to answer me it helps.
    Hugs to you
  11. ksev

    ksev New Member

    Thanks for taking the time to answer me it helps. I to am from the take 2 asprin in the am and call me in the morning. I have tried to tough it up but I have to have a life without so much pain if I can.
    Hugs and good thoughts
  12. laniesue

    laniesue New Member

    I think some of the reasons we worry about out pain meds is the oppinion of other people. When my Dr. Prescribed Methodone around the clock, I didn't want to take it. Just imagine how people react to you when you say you are taking methadone! I have with help of my doctor been able to stay on a low dose and take ultracet for breakthrough pain. Hang in there and dont' pa attention to what others think. TAKE YOUR MEDS! DON'T LIVE IN PAIN.
  13. ksev

    ksev New Member

    Nice of you to reply, I never dreamed there are so many of us that live in constant pain. After reading some of these I am determined to not give up on getting more than, "sorry, I just can't find out what is wrong with you" This new Dr. seems to be able to find how to help me after the electro test he gave me. One thing for sure the MRI's I have had didn't show FM.
    Hope you are having a good day without pain.

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