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    I take prococet 3.5, a very low dose 3x a day. There are days that it does not work, but at least I can function at my job. once a week I get an injection of morphine, which is given according to weight. I only weigh 115 lbs, so this is no much, but it does the job. I have been on the meds since 1993 and I take it according to the directions. no less or more. I also had nerve blocks in my lower back and my back has stopped hurting for now, I don't know if it'll come back. In any case if it does I will go back to the pain management for another block. Anyone have the same problem?
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    What type of back problems do you have?

    I have many, plus a pinched nerve between L4-L5 and S1 that is causing me horrific pain.

    My chiropractor suggested that I see someone for a nerve block. I am waiting for my appt. with my PCP to discuss this with him.

    Can you tell me more about the nerve blocks?