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  1. ABLUV

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    Hi gang! Has anybody taken elavil(generic is called amytriptilene), then switched to another med that worked equally as well for pain, depression and insomnia? If so, what was the reason you had to switch?

    Lookin foward to your answers...
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  2. fitzh2o

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    I have never taken elavil so I can't respond to you question. I just thought I would reply and in so doing "bump" your post back to the top so maybe some others can see it who didn't have a chance to before!

    Good luck finding an answer

    fitzh2o :)
  3. elsa

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    I have never taken anti-depressents for pain ..... Wish I could help, but I can give your post a boost ...

  4. msmac

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    I have taken the generic form for about 10 years, almost every night, usually 1 pill of 10 mg, sometimes have needed 2 pills. Mouth and eye dryness were big problems, also groggy feeling next day. I used 4 mg of Zanaflex for the last copule of years with this. I was started on Lyrica in October of 2005, now up to 200 mg at night, 100 in a.m. and Soma at night. Sleeping great with less sedated feeling during days, though it has been a hard road on the Lyrica. I was ravenously hungry, gained weight, etc. But the Lyrica and Soma help nerve pain and the fibro and back pain and I seem to sleep well on them. Hope this helps!
  5. starmom

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    Elavil never helped my pain, neither did doxepin. At all sorts of doses. Now I am on soma, darvocet, toradol prn for pain. Ambien CR, estrogen, and cymbalta daily. Pain is through the roof.

  6. srh

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    I have never taken Elavil for my FM, so I don't know about the pain. But I took it for awhile after we lost our son 14 years ago, and I was groggy and never knew what was going on. I was a zombie. so I poured them down the stool.

    I started taking Cymbalta last night and I feel better today than I have in months. Still hurt, but can at least function.
  7. caperkat

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    I switched from amitriptyline to tramadol/tylenol combination because the fist one wasn't effective. There are still many ocaasions when the currect pain meds don't work too well, but I think that is true for everyone.

    Since I still work FT (for now), I don't want to take anything that makes me very drowsy during the day, and I know my doctor is reluctant to give out anything stronger.

    Is it too much to ask that we just don't suffer, or are we to be nice & quiet & endure it all. Okay, that was my pity party for the afternoon. Thank you all for your advice, encouragement. I am helped a lot by what I read here, & how everyone comes together for each other.

  8. Bambi

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    prescription meds to OTC medications. Sometimes the prescription drugs as well as the OTC ones have longer half lives than you might think so you could be mixing dangerous mixtures without realizing it..thinking the one is out of your system when it isn't at all. I worry about all the self prescribing that goes on anyway and often with things noone has ever even heard of before. It would seem that if it's an herb or "just" a supplement it would be safe, but that isn't always true.

    It's just me, and I know many feel no qualms about trying whatever new comes along. They have a perfect right to do so, it just makes me worry for them. Not that prescription medications can't be unsafe also, NSAIDS being a perfect example. I just wish more would do the experimenting with a physician or person who is well aquainted with whatever kind of medication they are
    trying. I don't think that because Mary (fake name) has taken Horsemullion from Mars for six months and isn't dead yet is a good enough
    reason to try it. JMHO!
  9. Jordane

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    My doc put me on amit.last year to up my pain meds,codeine contin(150mg).Take 2 (25mg)Amit.each night.Doesnt take the pain away totally,but helps,I guess.
  10. katdancer

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    I do know many doc's perscribe anti-depressants for FMS for "pain" and to enable sleep. Sort of funny in a way - a lot of us are not clinically depressed but lots of folks with FMS certainly have enough on their plate to be depressed about!