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    Hi All,
    I was diagnosed a few years ago with fibro and I cant believe how much I suffer.. and apparently allot of others too. my doc.'s give me oxi and its so strong but has too many side effects! Ive/they tried to get something that works but theres always a problem with one or the other?side effects or alegic. I dont know what to do now.. I'd like to know what others take? and if its helpful or if your scared of addiction as I am and if it HELPS?! I dont want to take something everyday but I can barely wait 4 hours with out taking a pill!!
    Please some insite for the new fibro girl on the block.. I know the doc's arent straight with me!
    just another fibro suffer
  2. lighthouselady

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    Bumping for debugg
  3. JLH

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    I'm sorry that you are in so much pain.

    I am surprised that your doc gave you oxy for your pain--if that was his/her first attempt to control your pain.

    Oxy is a very strong med and very sedating to a lot of people, even the 10 strength. It is a very controversial drug and is widely known to become easily dependent upon it. Where I live, it is the street drug of choice and people, and docs, are arrested daily for issues relating to it. You can not find a doc in this area of my state to give it to you at all!

    Most docs start out on the mildest med first and then work up through all of them until he/she finds something that will help you.

    Have you tried the combination of Prozac in the AM and Elavil at bedtime? And for pain ... Ultram?

    I take Neurotin as well as Cymbalta in the AM and PM -- both help on the pain. I also take Zanaflex, a muscle relaxer, at bedtime--it is sedating and also helps me sleep.

    I've had a sleep study and have sleep apnea and sleep with a CPAP machine and oxygen.

    I do have a narcotic pain med - Lortab - for my back issues when needed, but it never has helped my fibro pain.

    I also have always used ice pack on my neck and between my shoulders to numb that pain, and use a heating pad on my low back for my arthritis pain in my spine and a pinched nerve that I have in my low back.

    I would try everything else before I stayed on the oxy, but that's just me. You have to do what YOU have to do to control your own pain. It's hard for others to judge on what you are going through.

    Warm water exercises also help relieve the pain, believe it or not!

    Hope you get to feeling better.

  4. rosemarie

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    I am sorry your pain is so bad. I am on some strong pain meds as well. I have other chronic pain problems such as spinal stenosis,degenterive disc diseas, bulding disc, Fibro,CMP,osteoarthritis in wrist and both knee's,radiulopathy of the thorsic/lumbar region of my spine, pain in tail bone, arthritis in my right ankle , so my pain meds are not just for the fibro they are for the other pain issues as well. You may have other conditions that are causing you pain as well.

    I am sorry that the oxy was so strong for you it helped me but it is so spendy that I had to change to MSContin and MSIR. I don't know if you see a pain doctor or not . But I have to see one as there is no one here that will prescribe what I am taking as they are addictive narcotic pain meds. Narcotic pain meds are ok to take if your takeing them correctly as your doctor has prescribed them for you. It is far better in my eye's to take the stronger pain meds than to take too many tyenol's or ibphrohpen.

    As time goes on and it becomes hard to get the meds that some of us need there are going be more people who will over dose on over the counter pain meds. So if your oxy is working for you then take it. IF is makes you tired then don't take it as often and try to get some thing for the breatkthru pain.

    Toradol and meds like that are non steriodal antiflamorities yes they do help with pain but it takes a while to build it up to where it helps more. If you can take it right when you think your hurting it will stop your pain cold and it will not get any worse. But for me it gives me panic attacks so I stay far away from it.

    I HOpe that you are able to find a pain med that will ease your pain so that you can bear it. AS no pain med ever really takes all of the pain away well at least for me.

  5. PVLady

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    I had a bad experience with MS Contin a couple of years ago. Yes it stopped the pain but the side effects just about did me in. I was on it 9 months and lost over 50 lbs.

    Anyway, I used a drug called Subutex to get off the MS Contin with no withdrawals. I then stayed on Subutex because it also helps fibro pain and is less strong. It has been 1 1/2 yrs now on the Subutex.

    The only other pain med I use is Tylenol and sometimes Ultram. Very few doctors are familiar with Subutex and if you look it up on the internet and see it is used to help people get off opiates (including heroin) with no withdrawals, people think it is dangerous.

    It is sooo safe and does fill pain receptors in the brain. Subutex is dissolved under your tongue 12-16 mg day. You never develop tolerance and the side effects are minimal.

    It is also easy to taper off of. My pain doctor has many fibro patients on Subutex who were formerly on opiates and wanted to stop them.

    Do the best you can but if you ever need to get off the Oxycontin and don't want to go through tapering or withdrawals, find a doctor to give you Subutex. You might find it also controls the fibro pain.
  6. tandy

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    Its suppose to be strong enough for our pains but not overly. I'm sure it can be addicting too, many others. I would just try to take my meds as spaced out throughout the day as possible.

    My doc. does'nt use narcotics of any sort for me.
    (sometimes I wish he would!!) I take ultram and tylenol too. It takes the edge off but nothing helps alot.
    Good luck at finding something that works well for you~
  7. sfrazier

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    I just started to take a fairly new drug. It's called Avinza. It is a time released morphine capusal. I'm on the lowest dosage right now and that is 30mgs. I really like it and it does help all day long. The other nice thing is that if I do start to get to use to it they can just increase the dosage instead of start me on a new drug. I have been on so many that have just lost their effects on me and was already on the highest dosage possible. The it was back to the medical charts to see what else they could give me. Shoot it got to the point that I couldn't even take Advil or Tylonal because of all the meds I was on. Ask your doctor about Avinza but if he will write you a script have him call you pharmacy to make sure they have it. It had to be ordered for me cause not a single pharmacy carried it here in my town. Like I said it's fairly new. Good luck with whatever you decide to try......SueS
  8. JLH

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    spamula mentioned in her reply above that "If you really want something that is NOT ADDICTING try Lortab 10's they have 10mg hydrocodone with only 500mg of tylonol which is better for your liver."

    I hate to contradict her, but Lortab IS AN ADDICTING NARCOTIC MED. YOU may NOT become addicted to them, maybe just dependent upon them, IF you take enough of them, but they DO have the POTENTIAL for addiction. Just wanted to set the record clear.

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