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    I know it is different for everyone but some days I can hardly bear the pain. Do narcodics work for any one? What else has worked? I dont take anything for pain but would like to try something. Anyone who has used something that helps please let me know.
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    Pain meds are basically to dull the pain . That is at least for me. I take vicodin or norco. But want I do is take 1/2 a pill at a time so every 2 hours I'll take another 1/2 . This way I'm not falling asleep all day long. Then about 1/2 before I want to sleep I'll take a whole pill.
    Now I do this on days when I'm not flaring up. It's different during flares.
    I can handle large amounts of pain pretty easily. I also take baclefin to for (spasms/pain) 30mgs a day . But I have MCTD (RA,lupus,sorgen's ,raynauds' neuropathy ,fm and spondyolitis) so pain in just part of my life.
    Start taking the least amount as possible to avoid addictions. Doctors monitor narcotics frequently . If they offer you them take um if you need them . My doctors have lowered the number that I can get now (because im on medi-cad) not because I don't need them. But they "say" that there is a shortage. I find this laughable though.

    Anti inflammatories also work for some . I couldn't take them because of allergies.
    Take pills with food . And don't drive until you know how these affect you.

    These drugs are pretty much trail and error. Vicodin work somewhat for me but again it just dulls the pain.

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    I tried most including narcotics but the only thing I found that worked was Lyrica but I gained so much water weight they had to take me off of it. And I have a sensitivity to the side effects of medication from the fibro which does not help. I do take Lorazpam for my anxiety and that helps a lot.
  4. I take vicodin 10/500 mg 4x a day I also have morphine 30 mg for backup when I can't get relief from my vicodin. I am also on soma for the muscle spasams, then for my anxiety I am on xanax. But also I am on Lyrica. The combination sure does help. Good luck to you. Pam
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    When your pain is seriously effecting your quality of life, it's time to talk about your options.

    Even with narcotics, often all of your pain will not be taken away completely but they sure can take the edge off and help many to function.

    Don't confuse addiction with dependency - totally different. Also it doesn't matter what dose you start on for dependency. Most doctors will start you on a low dose to see how you do.

    Anti-inflammatories really only work if you have inflammation. However, the ibuprofen or whatever else is in them, may be of some help.

    Muscle relaxants are commonly prescribed for Fibro. I too take Soma.

    How are you sleeping? Make sure you're getting good sleep, if not definitely talk to your Dr.