Pain mgmt appointment was a WASTE of time

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by texangal81, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. texangal81

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    What a complete and total joke and waste of time. My appointment was Friday afternoon at 2:00pm about 45min away from my office. The doctor has 2 offices but I wouldn't be able to get into the closer office until August, so I decided to take this earlier appointment and just use my precious, remaining time off so I wouldn't worry about having to get back to work.

    First of all, they didn't even take me back until nearly 3:00. They decided to take x-rays of my neck since I complained of pain there. They asked what meds I was taking and I told them "Mobic and Ultram, and Vicoden when it gets bad". I also told them the Ultram was losing it effectiveness and that the Vicodin allowed me to function.

    The doctor came in and asked a few questions and then started the tender point exam. He explained the I have Degenerative Disc Disease in addition to Fibromyalgia and then laid my on my stomach and bent my legs at the knee until my heel touched my bottom. One side could touch farther than the other, so his conclusion is I'm 'misaligned". I was SO unimpressed with this test. First of all, I weigh 200 lbs with hefty thighs and had a lot of pain trying to do what he did. For all I know, I could have been lying crooked. I'll bet you big money that when I get this weight off, the results will be dramatically different.

    He suggested physical therapy and told me that I should not take any narcotics, including my Ultram and should avoid any type of pain mgmt injections. He attempted to give me Lyrica which I refused. I told him I was having lapband surgery in 2 weeks and I will not take anything that might possible cause anymore weight gain. He then said "the most important thing to remember is to maintain an upbeat attitude and not let it get you down". I looked him square in the eye and said "I am a very upbeat person, doctor, but you have to understand that I am still working and Ultram and Vicodin allow me to function".

    He didn't care, he sent me off with a prescription for Physical Therarpy (which I did years ago and was a waste of time) and 20 Ambien and said "we'll see you back in a month: and I thought `that's what YOU think'. He didn't even give me enough Ambien for a month! It was so obvious he didn't have a clue about treating FM and wasn't taking me seriously. He didn't even care about the degenerative disc disease in my back which was causing so much pain in my right side and leg.

    I was livid when I left. I wasted an entire afternoon to get the same crap I have gotten from other doctors. I don't even understand why my PCP sent me there. She told me "he can prescribe things we don't have access too"? Huh, I'm sure she can write a script for Lyrica and Ambien and tell me to "put on a happy face". I'm going to tell her how very dissatisfied I was with him.

    I suppose that means that as the Ultram loses effectiveness, I'm just stuck with suffering. I HATE the attitude towards pain in this country.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I had such high hopes for this appointment.

  2. Boy do I understand, my rheum. dr. won't give me vicodin, my neurologist that did my back surgery won't give me meds after two months. Thank goodness my primary dr. gives me vicodin as I told her I used them sparingly and I agree, vicodin lets me function also. I pray my dr. will continue to give it to me. These drs. need to get a grip!
  3. Pansygirl

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    First I want to give you a very gentle hug.

    You can rant anytime ~ I'm a good listener.

    Your PCP recommended this Pain doctor..........oh no.
    There have to be better ones out there that really know how to treat FM ~ there just has to be .

    We should not have to suffer with this DD........we should not. If that doctor and all the other doctors that don't treat us well had FM I think they would change there tune.

    Sounds familiar my physical therapist told me I just needed to have a positive attitude and exercise more and I would be fine....... what??? The guy had no clue how to help me.

    Very gentle hugs, Susan

  4. lilac123

    lilac123 New Member

    I just posted today about all the troubles I had last week and am having now that my PCP cut off my meds unexpectally. It's a long one but I had to vent.

    I am so sorry to hear you are having trouble too! This treatment or should I say lack of adiquate pain control is just not acceptable!! I am trying to look up ways to file a complaint against my Doc and his office personell. Still not sure if I'll make my appt tomorrow or not. Will have to see how I'm feeling. I missed so much with my Grandson this weekend because of this Darn pain! I am getting so infuritated with these uneducated judgemental people!

    We are all in my prayers!
  5. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    sorry to hear this disappointing waste of time and money texangal; i've been 'referred' to doctors by doctors and realized its a business decision between them, not a professional judgement about your health, because either doctors have very low standards regarding their peers or they know nothing about the arrogant morons they refer patients to.
    i'm big on conspiracy theories...they're all in cohoots for $$...almost all, I read this kind of cwapola and realize how lucky i am to have found my current doc, but it took YEARS.

  6. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    I feel bad for everyone who can't get the help they need! My rheumy rxd tramadol, and then when I started having pain in my leg from my back he told me to go to a pain doc for shots. So I pick some great advirtised place re: Spine and Pain Issues, and it was horrible as far as getting meds. They did do some cortisone shots in my back which helped greatly with the pain. Then I found out my adrenals had quit working, and could never get them again. Long story,. Anyway I went back for low back pain not even thinking to ask rheumy, and a new doc was there. I was also having worse pain with my legs, and wanted something for breakthru pain when the tramadol didn't work. I was so nervous I blurted out, "I think I need something like morphine or fentynl....." Bad mistake!!! Apparently it's bad to ask for any drug by name. He actually called my PCP and asked to talk to her and went by her office to "sell" his services, and also to ask about whether I had a drug problem, and said I had asked for drugs by name, even listing one I had not asked for. The reason I know this is because my doc handed me my chart to carry up front and I opened it in the bathroom and read his note!!!! I was shocked. His attitude was also leaning towards PT and such....I guess they get so many drug seekers, you have to watch how you even word what you say. I shouldn't have said it that way but I was nervous and scared...anyway I ended up back at my rheumy's telling him what happened and he said simply, " I can help you....we'll start with some Percocet and see how you do, you can even stop and pick up the script on Wed." He goes to a town near me once a week from another office. He is so nice. I guess I just somehow thought he wouldn't do anymore. I actually like the ultram with aspirin or advil and have not abused the percocet to make sure he trusts me. Once I called and they left me an rx in the office. You can find a good doctor, sometimes a rheumatologist or doc who treats fibro patients may be best. Try the good doctor list that was on here several months ago...and don't give up!!!It took me many years to find my docs and I still have problems they can't figure out. It's so hard to keep trying when you get a jerk but don't give up!
    Good luck.

    ps. he was also the doc who gave me sleep meds, dx me with fibro in 2003, generous with muscle relaxers, etc. and a big help in getting SSDI I am sure.I even wrote him a card thanking him for being just a nice person who understood Pain and how to help people. One in a million.
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  7. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Didoe is right - it is the "old boy network". Professional courtesy. I refer patients to you then you'll do the same for me.

    Sad. But ready..... "Next"!

    I know it's not easy. We do have to go through lots of doctors. It's not fair but what can we do.

    Keep looking. I wish I had someone for you. I know of a great spine doctor but he just does the injections, no meds. Which has helped me stay off the hard drugs for now.

    Nightingale is right too. Gosh, we're all right! And it's not easy.

    I have seen Dr. Swaleem (sp?) with Kelsey-Seybold in downtown Houston near the medical center. I do not get my meds from him but I know he does prescribe hard meds. With the injections that I have gotten, I can make do with Tramadol and muscle relaxers. The injections are starting to wear off (3 years now) and he will be doing the next round.

  8. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    I have a former colleague who is going to a different pain mgmt clinic for her fibro and I'm going to contact her to see if they treat her pain with an open mind. I'm really upset with my PCP, who I've been going to for 8 years now. Last year I had different insurance (that sucked) for about 7 months and I had to find a new PCP. I think I'll go back to her and I've already called for either a refill on my Vicodin OR a different pain mgmt doctor - one who will work with me. So far, the 3 doctors that I've seen look at me like I am crazy when I refuse Lyrica, they say "you might be one who doesn't gain weight" and I tell them all the same thing, I am NOT risking it!

    Fortunately the last few days have been fairly good days, but I don't want to be without something when it gets bad again. I'm tempted to turn to the internet again but it is so expensive......
  9. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    not lecturing anyone, certainly not texangal:)

    but please be careful purchasing drugs online
    its bad enough, and it IS bad, that the FDA has almost no control or inspections over foreign produced meds now-- most foreign companies have 'the fear of g-d' in them as far as using fillers and garbage in their drug compounds--but read the news, and you'll see some countries will try anything to save money or intentionally taint meds coming into the U.S.

    i use mail order generic wellbutrin and have received 3 different kinds(from tablets to capsules with colored beads) from 3 different companies, one of them was truly effective, the other two were as if I wasnt using an AD

    See if there's any way to ensure the place you purchase from is reliable.
  10. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    Sorry about your trouble! I've had similar experience - the first pain clinic my PCP referred me to only works with non-intractable pain (which they could have told me prior to my wasting precious work time). The rheumy, after giving me a paid med that was later taken off the market, said there's nothing he can do - so goodbye. My PCP does nothing except refer. The back doctor recommended cortisone shot and that's it.......

    I went to a different pain clinic Friday (but not the one first recommended which is better I'd guess). Like you, it was 45 minutes from my work with a 2:00 appt(which is much closer than the other recommended one which is 2 hours away), but I was seen fairly quickly which surprised me (the back doctor was always a 1-2 hour wait - even if I had the 1st appt).

    I got chatting with one of the people who check you in, and discovered that there are lots of walk in druggies to pain clinics. Which makes sense, but I never thought of it. So, if they ever have an attitude problem, this is part of it!

    Anyway, my point was - I don't really understand the point of pain clinics. They perform the same checks the PCP has already done and diagnosed - so, to me, it's just like a visit to another PCP. I thought the purpose was to help you manage the pain??? Am I wrong??
  11. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    I was so mad when I left the appointment on Friday that I just shoved the paperwork and prescriptions he gave me into my purse.

    Today I pulled them out to find THIS was my diagnosis:

    Left sacroiliac joint dysfunction AND Myofascial pain

    I've heard of MPS so I looked up the symptoms. Most articles post a side-by-side comparison between FMS and MPS and it is SO obvious that I have FMS based on all the criteria. He didn't ask me ANY questions about fatigue, etc. I don't know why he diagnosed this, because I didn't have any referred pain or 'twitches'. I'm just so angry about all of this that I can't speak.

    But my former PCP who I've decided to go back to came to the rescue with some Vicodin, so now I have to figure out what to do next. If anyone is in West Houston, Katy, or Richmond Texas, do NOT go to Javier Canon MD. He has offices in Katy and Richmond.
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  12. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    Texan I'm sorry you are still having to deal with this not good doctor.

    It just isn't right that they can give you a diagnosis that isn't proper and then they don't even ask the correct questions~ what are they teaching these guys in med school?

    I'm glad you were able to get some pain meds from your previous doctor that you liked~ sending positive thoughts your way.

    Thanks for the heads up on the doctor's name to avoid in that area..........I grew up in Richmond and still have family there.

    Keep us posted,
    Take care, Susan

  13. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I've heard that there are Psychiatrists out there who believe that CFS and FMS are physical diseases and they are willing to Rx major pain drugs to us. You might want to contact your local CFS and FMS support groups and ask if they have recommendations to Psychiatrists that are informed about our dds. I know it seems like that "all in your head" stuff, but this is different. I know of several FMS patients that swear this has saved their lives.

    You deserve good pain control.


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