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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mainerose, May 28, 2006.

  1. mainerose

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    for me. in my last post i said i was in pain again this weekend. i have 2 ear infections and my ears are killing me. i have been on three driferent ear meds. does anyone have a way to limit the pain of ear aches. also my ear is bleading doc says normal for me but i am worried. on top of this i can not hear out of my right ear and i am scared.
  2. dleaning

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    What kind of infection is it? Inner or outer ear canal? I have had mostly outer ear which causes the canal to swell to the point where it is hard to hear... I know how hard or frustrating that can be because I am totally deaf in my left ear and if an infection gets in my good ear FORGET IT!!! Can't hear a thing!!! Have to rely on reading lips!! Sorry to hear about your pain, hope it gets better real soon!!

  3. mrsstew

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    if you are still lhaving problems like that u need to see another doc, don't be hesitant about it honey its your health and hearing ability some docs take our symptoms not too seriously. my ears hurt deep within but no bleeding or discharge but as u know or will find out u might get a new hurt just about anywhere and i mean anywhere.
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    Ouh, sounds terrible. So sorry. There is no reason to have that kind of pain. There is a pain killer for ear pain. Sorry I don't remember the name, but they give it to kids with ear infections.

    There are times when they have to put tubes in the ears, even for adults. Are you seeing an ENT (ear, nose throat)doc? If not I sure would be doing that.

    I feel so bad for you. Hope you get better soon!!

  5. carebelle

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    I think you can get dimatap over the counter.Sometimes I have trouble with my ears it ends up being from an allergy.Try taking benadrill or Allegra if your doc will give it to you.
  6. Molw

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    Sometimes if you put a cotton ball in your ear it stops the air from hitting the inside of the ear that is affected and it helps the pain.