pain,numbness,weak legs

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  1. I can't use my legs like I should. They are going numb. I have had this in my fingers forever,but now it's going on in my arms and legs.I loose my balance. What is causing this? I haven't been able to do housework in 2 weeks.How does anyone survive this type of illness.? Hubby is sick also but he never did do any housework anyways.Sometimes I get mad because he feels like going places more than I. Yet he wont do anything at the house, I am supose to get surgery on feet for bone spurs and bunions but out it off because nothing will get done here. Plz pray for me. Ruthie
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    The numbness that you describe may be caused by B12 deficiency. It may be wise to look into this straight away, as B12 deficiency can cause permanent nerve damage.

    You can check the net for more info.

    Hope things improve for you

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    Sorry you're experiencing those symptoms. I've read that about a quarter of FMS patients experience numbness. I can't recall why they do or if they know why. That must be very disconcerting. I'm sorry you're husband isn't being more helpful.

    Hugs and prayers,