pain on arm between elbow and shoulder?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tinaboo2, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. tinaboo2

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    my first and still most troubling pain is on the outside of my arm, between the elbow and shoulder -- even if i can't tell that is hurting, if i touch it -- i know!!

    it often feels like if i move it the wrong way -- my arm will simply break. other times a dull roar of pain, burning, hitting.

    now it has been so bad for 3 weeks that i am having neck pain that i am SURE is from the clenching to stop the arm pain!!

    i took two 222s at 4:30 this morning, the a percocet at 6:30 and it eased off for about 2 hours finally -- but now is back full throttle. i work at 2 pm and have no more percs -- not that i take them before i go to work - but today would be a day i would seriously think about it!!

    heat... nothing.
    ice... nothing
    deep breathing...nothing
    4 amitriptiline... nothing

  2. aniek

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    Have you ever seend anybody about myofascial trigger points? It sounds like that might be your problem.

    There are a number of muscles around the shoulder and neck that can send pain to your arm. Moving your arm could aggravate the trigger point.

    If that's the case, you may want to find somebody who specializes in trigger point release.
  3. tinaboo2

    tinaboo2 New Member

    i wonder tooo --- have an apt next month and will bring it up and meanwhile do some more research
  4. Bkay

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    I too am having arm pain, never have had this before or not this bad anyway...Nothing seems to help it either, I can only take tylenol and that doesn't help..I am on plavix for my heart.. I went to Dr. last week he said i should have MRI but can't do that because of stent that was put in a couple months ago..Been thinking about going to Chriopractor. I know how you feel..Some days it pains worse than others..Today i run the vacumn cleaner and it is hurting really bad...Gets discouraging, i have this going on three months..Guess we just have to hang in there maybe it will go away..

  5. KittyCat

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    I can relate. For the past few months I've been experiencing the aching in both arms - especially the right arm (between shoulder and elbow). Also my neck aches real bad. It even hurts when I change from sleeping on my back to the side. OUCH!
  6. LSBarrow

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    I know exactly what you mean. My arms are the worst. We were on vacation recently and my brother-in-law, bless his heart, socked me in the arm and when he realized what he did he immediately gave me a bear hug. I had to walk away because I started crying and I didn't want him to know just how bad it hurt. It's so hard for others to understand.

    Although, just this evening I scratched my arm and immediately responded to the pain so I guess I forget sometimes too. The worst is when my blood pressure is checked; I feel like my arm is about to explode. I always think, just hold on, it's almost over, but then the stinging sensation starts... Someone needs to find a better way to take our blood pressure!!

    What's funny is that my pressure is usually a little high and they always ask "are you apprehensive about your visit" and I always say the same thing "NO, I just don't like having my blood pressure taken"!

  7. etoyl

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    You may want to have your neck and shoulder x-rayed. When I had that stabbing pain between elbow and shoulder, I ended up having shoulder cuff repair. Sounds like a problem in your shoulder or neck causing referrent pain.
  8. Peque

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    I had the same symptoms as all of you, but I searched for a natural remedy and will like to share it with you guys. I'm not a Doctor but I'm always reading and searching for natural ways to cure any type of illness and
    I bought myself a bottle of White Willow Bark of 400 mg and is been helping a lot, especially at night that is when the pain is worst. I recomend it to who ever wants to try it. I bough mine at Vitamin Shoppee. I must say if you are allergic to aspirin then you should'n take it. My suggestion is to goggle it. Hope it helps like is helping me. Good luck!