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  1. desertbreeze

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    hi everyone i havent been on the message board for a long time we just moved back to vegas from phoenix. iam from vegas and believe it or not still waiting to hear on my ssd case since the hearing on july 24 06 when we moved to phoenix in june 05 i thought that my case would finally get settled but nope its not. my case is still sitting on the judges desk in arizona. he has put me through _ _ _ _ i think because i didnt take his offer of acceptenace on the hearing date. the on set date would of been 1 and a half years of no pay so i didnt take it now he is just dragging his feet on purpose. of course he doesnt care about me! well sorry so long does anybody get like a tinkly feeling on the face. i have had it for a week --
    its like if i barely touch my face with a lite facial brush like for blush it HURTS. please any in put will help. april will be 3 years diagnosed with fibro. at first they thought i had MS i still wonder what if i do.--rene
  2. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Yea,..I get the face hurts pain once in awhile.
    Thankfully when it does act up its only for a few days but none the less its weird.
    My cheek skin will feel super senstive to touch.
    and usually its only one side for me.

    a few other memebers mentioned it could be a part of TMJ.
    I really don't know what causes it or what brings it on.
    But even water hitting my face hurts. (shower)
    and the cold air outside is horrible too!

    Best of luck on your case~ I hope it gets approved very soon for you.
    Take care
  3. kimlee

    kimlee New Member

    Hi all i have fibro, insamina and tmj i am hurting all over. Any information will be gladly accepted.


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