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    Hi. You guys have helped me before so I am turning to you again. Is there anyone on the penninsula (near San Francisco, in San Mateo county) that can recommend a good understanding doctor who will deal with all my pain and my FM????? I am desperate. I have a good GP but he is reluctant to diagnose me. He has kept me on Hydrocodone/Tylenol (Norco 10mg/325mg) for a couple of months but reluctantly. He also has me on feldene which is USELESS. We have tried Bextra (also useless) The hydrocodone and the Lexapro (depression drug) along with coral calcium makes the pain somewhat liveable, but I know that he is coming close to taking me off the Norco and the others alone make it where I cannot leave the bed most of the time due to pain all over my left side and headaches. He sent me to a orthopedist today that was useless....only would see me for one complaint so he dealt with my achillestendonitis and gave me MORE Bextra and heel lifts for my shoes. He said he does not think there is such a thing as FM, so I know he will be of no future help. I really need a referral to a doctor who is not afraid to deal with my pain. Please help! I live in Pacifica, on the San Mateo penninsula about 15 miles south of San Francisco.
    THank you all in advance!