Pain one sided???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CAM57, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. CAM57

    CAM57 New Member

    Ok I am still new with this dx. 2 weeks ago my R hand, forearm, elbow and shoulder hurt for a week. Now my L hand, forearm, elbow and shoulder hurts. Does your fibro go from side to side?
  2. MarthaB

    MarthaB New Member

    I'm not sure about anyone else. My pain can go from left to right side of my body, BUT most of my pain is the lower 1/2 of my legs, feet, hips. My arms and legs hurt a little ALL the time. When I go through a bad cycle, it's my legs that get hit with horrible pain first, always and last. Sometimes it feels like my knees hurts and moves out from there, other times it's my muscles first. Does this happen to anyone else with FMS?

    I was diagnosed 1.5years ago but I'm sure I've had symtoms before. There are times when I "flare" and I ache and throb all over for days. And then I get "better" or have less pain for a time and can function.

    To be honest, I'm still learning the abbreviations on the boards about this stuff. I don't know anyone with FMS to compare notes with. My doctor says that the pain in my feet is not FMS....she thinks its a common condition (forget the huge name) that people who stand on there feet alot get. When I really hurt my feet throb too. Actually they hurt all the time. If I'm on them for more than 30min at a time, they just kill me. Longer periods and I can end up with them aching for days...seriously. I guess I'm a wimp, but that's how it is. Does anyone else have problems with there feet?

    I'm sure me and CAM57 would really like to hear specific information from everyone about where they specficially hurt and when. Does weather mess you up? Sudden cold weather can set me into a bad spin with horrible pain for days. Anyone else with FMS who would like to share some of this info, I would really appreciate it! I'm worried something else could be wrong a leg or arm and I won't be able to tell because of my you know what I mean?

    I may rant more don't know if my rant was helpful to cam57 or not....
  3. resignedtofibro

    resignedtofibro New Member

    Hi! I'm new to the site and have FMS, CFS, and Chronic migraines. Dx for about 2 yrs. My pain seems to be either upper or lower extremities. Mostly lower though. From my hips down are the worst usually. My knees are really bad. I describe my pain as an ache to the bone! Sometimes, I just can't function due to the pain and aching. As far as upper body, I can have pain on one side or the other or both. Th pain moves around. My neck bothers me alot. I get a burning pressure type pain there. Yes, my pain can sometimes go side to side!

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