PAIN or achy?

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  1. I have so much horrid pain in my body alot of the times. I am wondering I see alot of people who say it is like a flu. I would not say mine is at all like a flu, I have PAIN around alot of my joints. What is yours?
  2. I hear you Mable, that is what I always say, I hurt in places I didn't know I had!
    Right now I am so stiff and have pain in all my joints I can hardly walk!
  3. KJ2003

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    Hi butterfly,

    I am on medication. However, when not properly medicated, I ache so badly all over my body that it literally drains all of my energy and I absolutely have nothing left to give. It's difficult to walk around, it's difficult to maintain my job, it's difficult to maintain my relationships.

    Anything and everything that takes energy is nearly impossible for me to do without being medicated. I am not exaggerating one little bit. Just ask my husband, my co-workers, my daughter...they will tell you.

    So, I think when people say 'flu-like' symptoms, they are relating to a type of all-over achiness and lifeless feeling, much like you have when you have the flu.

    I hope this helps.

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    I would say the flu like aches are about a 5 for me most of the time. I just seem to have gotten used to the constant flu like ache and go about my daily chores. Then when the flare starts I also have stabbing type pain in joints as well. Also pain, like the tops of my feet or the sides of my legs, or severe in my calves. It just seems to travel all over. That's when I just give in and lay down on a heating pad.
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    ...I finally know why I feel I am getting the flu but then it goes away before it gets worse. It's the FM. I have chronic pain from RSD/CRPS. It is full body. I can now tell the difference between what is RSD and what is FM.
    The pain is not around the joints. In my feet and legs it is through out the entire limb (fills it up) and with sharp shooting pains also.
    The pain is deep inside the leg all the way through the skin to the outside. My leg gets red. It is a fire hot pain or an ice cold pain. Sometimes the lightest breeze from an open window feels like shrods of broken glass. At night I can't have the bed sheet tight on my legs or arms. I can't lay on my side with one leg resting on the other leg because it causes pain. I always have to have a soft pillow between them. The heels of my feet cannot be resting on a chair when I have my feet up. I have to pull the chair close to me so my feet will be off the end of the chair. For years now I cannot sit on a chair and hook my feet back on the chair leg like a lot of people do and I used to do years ago...or kneel down with the top of the foot resting on the floor. That's excruciating. My hands, arms, feet, legs have constant pins and needles.

    The pain in the rest of my body is deep inside and right on the surface. It's rediculous how this pain changes a person's life. The back pain is gripping and makes me stop short and cry out it comes so fast. It's the entire back but starts at the lower back.

    When the FM kicks in even my eye lashes hurt and I get hot with flu like symptoms.

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  6. ImDigNiT

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    I have both. I just know that one would do! (lol)

    Peaceful mind and body to all.

  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    and its extreme most times.
    Did'nt use to be in the early yrs,...but now,..yea,
    its quite unbearable.
    And getting old. I just wish someone took me seriously and would help me with pain medication.
    Give me an hr or 2 escape!

    I have joint pain, but worse for me is the overall muscle pain.

    Hope this helps :)
    :( Tandy

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