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    I usually try not to vent to much about, my constant pain, but this is a New one.
    I have been reading the other posts on Leg Cramps, and I have tried most of the way's to get relief, and some work some don't.

    This time, Nothing is helping, and the Calf of my Legs are both Hurting.
    The left one is worse tho, and even with my Soma's, Norco, and Hot Packs, w/gentle massaing on the calves (sp? lol, Ouch)

    My DH thinks it's Muscle or Tendion pull from when I fell last week, I think he's probably right, but I am going to have to call the PCP now, about the Legs.
    Funny how they didn't hurt, when I called last week about the Neck and my Back tho, after my fall.

    I am hoping it's just the Weather changing here, from Summer, which was very mild in my opinion, and Fall, which started early this year.

    I usually have Huge Pain Flares in my Neck during the Seasonal changes, but this time I have both going.
    I have Chronic Myofasical Pain Disorder and I am hoping it's pain from this condition.
    It'll be easier to treat.

    What worried me at first, was, a Blood Clot, but that's not the Symptoms I am having.

    I think the Stress, that I have been living with for the last 3 months are making it wore.

    Ok, done posting,
    or is it venting? :>}-

    Hope you all have a Great Day,
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    Hope it feels better soon! I know exactly what you are talking about with the change in seasons! I sues a ton of aspercream!!! I think it is a mental help with me - for about 10 minutes anyway.

    Hope your day goes better:)

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    I was wondering, does the aspercreme, make your skin burn?
    It does mine.
    Also Tiger Balm, once burned my skin and I also had a raised, red rash where I applied it.

    I have had some sucess, with a cream, that you can only get through a company, that's a prymid type.
    Even tho the product helped, there was a lot of pressure to sign up New people. What a shame, because I did like their products. Helped me, when I couldn't take Pain Meds, I sure wish I could find it in the store's.

    Still having Leg Cramps, my calves are hard as rocks, and now the back is hurting. Oh well, at least I can complain here and not bother anyone. ;o) lol, lol,
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    I cannot take the menthol in the other stuff and some aspercreme has it in it. It makes my skin burn, and I feel cold at the same time and will turn it red. I believe it works, as I wish they sold it by the bucket full.

    My husband would never use it and now he is a firm believer in it, and it does last longer than 10 mins, a couple hours. Get the odorless, menthol free, and it doesn't have to be brand name, can be generic,

    I bought at Walmart, Equate a lot cheaper and Walgreens, all the pharmacies, generally have their own version. In Canada since we have been here I have been using Rub A235 I think it is, my sister in law told me about it, a lot cheaper than aspercreme as well.

    As far as your cramp, hate to recommend anything, if it is just calf, I suffer horrible charlie horses in all my body, after doing too much, but I am so throughly unconditioned, just have to take baby steps.

    Yes the calf could be blood clot, so you are wise to not rub, but your Dr should tell you if he thinks it is or isn't. If that is the only place you have cramp might be.

    Also Reynauds, could cause the skin condition, though I told my Neuro to not even hang another diagnosis on me, he is a friend, I worked with in the hospital when nursing, as he would look at my hands, and they were icy, and knuckles all red etc. They get red when I use them alot, my mother even asked me why my hands were so red. If I am not using them, doesn't get that way, but I can just use them 10 mins and they are red.

    I have very poor circulation, always have done, and had blood clots after my last baby, so have to be very careful. That was 37 yrs ago, and they don't seem to get so paniky about them anymore as they did back then.

    I was on coumadin for two years, and in out of hospital for over 90 days inand out the first two years of my last babies life. One finally went to my lung and thank God didn't die, I was 18, a blood clot that is.

    Sometimes I write in short hand as I type so fast before I know it I have wrote a bookd, so not real clear sometimes, along with the fibro fog, stroke, or whatever it is, I cannot even say words, I have to describe them now.

    Well hope that helps some, I have more cold feeling on the surface of my skin and when it gets that way can get painful, and that is on my arms.

    good morning have a good day
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    I started drinking more water, I know that it helps to keep the Blood from clotting, also, and I hadn't been drinking as much, so I thought I'd give it a try.

    Yesterday I had to do a lot of errands, and I used the carts when I could, but also, found that by walking a little, it was helping to ease the Cramp.
    It's really on both Legs, but the left hurts more, and has the worst knot.
    So it's not a Blood Clot, thank goodness.

    I'm to use Moist Heat on them, after I have been walking longer than normal.

    I have my scooter, in fact 2, but I haven't a hoist, to carry them with, DH is already planning, on how he can make me one, that will fit the car. Should only take, him, hmmm, lets see, about 6 months to do it, lol, lol,
    He's a man of Many Projects, lol.

    Thanks for the suggestion's, and reply, hubby,.
    I too have the Cold hands and Feet, I wear socks all year round, and I have a right hand that gets cold when the left one dosen't.
    I had CT surgery, back in Feb 2000, and I didn't have a postive outcome.
    I can type with my right hand, but I still can not write, with it, except to fill out Medical Forms, lol,.......
    No really, I can hardly sign my name these day's.
    Plus I have the CMP with OA., so I think it's a combo of these stupid diseases.
    Again Thanks for the Opitions, in your reply.

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    I meant to say, that by drinking water, it helps the Blood from getting thick, and also it Helps with the muscles, so my drinking more water, helped, it didn't cure me, just wanted to make that clear, ;o)
    last time I tried to edit, a post I hit delete instead, so I make extra post's, instead. ;o)