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    Hi All,

    Anyone hear from Kellyann? Her last post said she wasn't feeling well. Hoping she is doing ok.

    I am on day 3 of the Ceftin and in a lot of pain...again. I guess I just have to toughen up and deal with it. I really want to stay on the abx. I am so afraid that I am going to be one of those people that can't take them. I know...don't even think about it. One day at a time is my new motto.

    How is everyone doing today? Keep in touch.

    Love Mindy
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    Mindy --

    Hang in there!!! You are herxing would be my guess -- and it can be a living h**l for a while, but very worth it on the other end. If the pain gets unbearable, ask your LLMD about pulsing it... that is what I have done when the herx got to be too much.

    Do whatever you can to alleviate the pain temporarily -- and DETOX! That is the very best way I know to help with a herx. The body gets flooded with toxins and also endogenous chemicals when Bb die -- it makes for an awful experience.
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    My son tries to tough things out too, but I also think that the body needs breaks...

    His LLMD agrees - the clinic always tells my son to try to do 5 days per week with weekends off all meds, but that if it is especially tough to pulse it M-W-F with weekends off.

    A friend of mine who went to the same clinic after seeing what my son's dx ws - she also came up positive according to CDC standards (!), was having problems with elevated liver enzymes after being on abx for several months...

    After about a 6 month hiatus to let things quiet down and her tests returned to normal, she is now back on abx (don't remember which ones, sorry) -

    they have put her on a schedule now of one week of abx alone, next week of abx plus flagyl, then 2 weeks off. Hopefully this will be easier on her body.

    It seems to me not all the LLMDs do pulses tho, I'm not sure why as it seems like it is easier on the body. And since lyme has a long replication cycle, it seems to work.

    Hope you get some positive results fast - It really helps to keep one going, I know!

    all the best,

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    From what I've read, opinions differ quite a bit on whether to pulse meds or not. Since I am not a doctor, I'd never want to contradict the advice of an LLMD -- but my personal opinion (and my LLNP's) is that you can actually do more harm than good if you let the herx get too out of control.

    Pain, itself, creates a neurochemical feedback loop in the body and can become somewhat self-perpetuating.

    I've had good results with pulsing meds. When I started Ketek, I had the herx of a lifetime -- I pulsed off it, and back on slowly, and now I can tolerate the full dose daily just fine.

    As for the liver -- yes, a lot of these drugs stress the liver a great deal. I'm doing a lot of liver support supplements, and I think that is helping. One big no-no is drinking alcohol -- I doubt many of us do that anyways -- but thought I'd throw it out there.