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    I have taught school for 18 years. It has become a high stress job. I have fibro... and probably degenerative arthritis... Would like to know what supplement or drugs everone is on to help them deal with the pain.

    P.S. I dumped my pain meds cold turkey during the x'mas holiday.... of all the stupid moves. But was trying to take too many pills a day because of alot of pain. So tell me, kinds of med your u currently on, and what they are for.
    Also, how often do you take your meds?

    ((((((((soft hugs)))))))
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    Hi there,

    So sorry to hear of your stresses with your job. I got really lucky when I found my current job last year - it couldn't be more laid back and relaxed for me! But I used to be in a high-stress one and I certainly sympathize with you.

    I currently take Maxidone for the pain - but my dr. prescribed 4 pills a day and I am actually finding it necessary to take 7-8 (2 every 4 hrs.) to control the pain. At first they made me a little groggy, but my body adjusted to them and I can function fine while on them.

    He gave me Soma, which is a muscle relaxer, but I understand that Flexeril is also a good muscle relaxer. They usually work best when taken together with the pain meds, however, the Flexeril may put you to sleep until you get used to it.

    Good luck to you and I hope you find some relief. Pain is the worst symptom we have to deal with. (((warm hugs)))

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    Just a bump for more suggestions???