Pain, Pain, Pain = Bitchy, Bitch bitch

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    I am finding more and more I am getting to be a real bitch. The pain I am in causes me to have no patience or anything and esp. with people I don't know, store clerks, people driving slow cars etc, standing in line-ups at grocery stores etc. I am in such a hurry to get home and rest and the PAIN IS SO UNBEARABLE, that I get extremely bitchy. Does anyone else have this problem? How does one solve it? I have hardly any friends left and very few close relative, live on my own and am getting very lonely. What does one do?
  2. countryalways

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    I am finding more and more I am getting to be a real bitch. The pain I am in causes me to have no patience or anything and esp. with people I don't know, store clerks, people driving slow cars etc, standing in line-ups at grocery stores etc. I am in such a hurry to get home and rest and the PAIN IS SO UNBEARABLE, that I get extremely bitchy. Does anyone else have this problem? How does one solve it? I have hardly any friends left and very few close relative, live on my own and am getting very lonely. What does one do?
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    Dear Country,
    I Bitch,,,,,,I get angry, I get sad :eek:( I feel sorry for myself sometimes....and I really screw up a lot!!!! The people that love me know I'm in pain and tired and my life hasn't been the same since I got they try to understand! Now the other people "out there" that have no idea who I am....I feel sorry for them sometimes!! I have to really be careful about how far I push myself when I go outside my little house these days. If I stay too long...someone is MORE than likely going to piss me off!!!
    I find that I am making AMENDS more and more these days. And I may sound real tough....I'm not.. I'm so sad about being the bitch that I have become. And I take antidepressants...and all the pills I'm supposed to take for this DD. I seem to move away from God on the days that I want to get really BITCHY.....I need to work on that!!
    Anyway, aren't alone.....OMG I just had a thought......What if we were all together, in a huge room and in awful pain at the SAME TIME!!!! NOW that would end up being a real nightmare!!
    Just some of my usual "wierd" humor!
    Linda Sue
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    that I'm not the only one being a Bitch. I seem to take alot out on my family on days that my fatigue is unbearable. I have very little patience with my children it seems. Then I feel guilty like I'm a horrible mom. I just have to walk away from every one when I'm bitchy. I try to calm myself down by reading, or napping or praying for guidance. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

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    I'm a guy, and more on the CFS side than Fibro, though I get a little 'Bitchy' too, especially on the extra bad days. However, I think that guys in general have it a little better than Women. for example, a guy just gets 'irritible', or is an 'idiot' or a 'jerk'. If you put a man and a woman side by side, each in an equally foul mood, a typical comment from a bystander might be: "Hey, that gut sure is a jerk, but that lady, what a BITCH!".

    Hey, my wife gets Bitchy once a month, my sister is Bitchy half the time I see her, my mom is Bitchy every once in a while, and at work it's literally a Bitch-Fest, and none of them have even half the reasonn to be Bitchy that you do.

    Also, you might not be aware, but you provide a critical Social Service to you fellow humans. Take Joe Schmo, your typical working stiff who spends all day in an office, then sits in traffic for an hour on his way home. He's pissed because someone else took credit for his research, his Boss noticed the one and only time he was late coming back for lunch, he didn't get that promotion, and now it's starting to rain. He'll probably go home and kick the dog extra hard. Then, in your hurry to get home and take a nap, you cut him off, slam on your brakes, then flip him the finger. Well, he blows his top, hits his steering wheel, and calls you lots of bad names. But, he also releases all of his stress, and after he calmes down, feels much better, and his dog can now have a nice evening. All because of you.

    So I say go forth, be yourself, be Bitchy, and do your part to contribute to Society. :eek:)
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    the last person who posted a reply. Are you on an anti depressant? I am bitchy ( and how many do we know that aren't once in their life?) but I take it out on my spouse. I get impatient too at the store but try to keep cool unless I am having a real bad day. If I go off my anti depressant, someone could look at me crooked and I would cry. That's how much of a difference it makes. Good Luck.
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    Oh, My....Birdman, had me rolling on the floor--with his bitchfest, and the very relieved family pet!
    This is something, I have been dealing with, lately. I believe part of my anxiety, is a reaction to tramadol. I have recently changed from hydrocodone, to tramadol, and a bitchy nature is rearing its ugly head. The tramadol seems to "hop me up", heart racing, nervous, shaking, and just plain mean. Someone can say something to me, that in no way is offensive, and I am in high gear attacking.
    I have been trying to understand if this is medicine related, or perhaps a result of this illness. Which ever the case, I am taking steps to find the answer and correct it. As I am homebound, my family, is the sole recipient of my tirades. I certainly don't want to be remembered this way.
    I have had my prescription filled with ultram, instead of tramadol. I had headaches with the tramadol, and also wanted to see if the irritability, might be another side effect of the generic. If that change doesn't work, I will consider some Paxil, for short time use, to see if there are any changes. I am determined to find an answer--before I run my family off!
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    Thank God we can laugh about this; I think Birdman should be a comedy writer if he isn't already!!

    I think we are all this way from time to time! It's tough not to be short-tempered between stress, pain & fatigue. Do you live in a place where you can find a FM/CFS support group? That might help the loneliness (even those of us lucky to be surrounded by supportive family & friends need to talk to people who really understand, who "get it" without needing to explain everything). I found a local group recently that meets twice a month & I definitely feel less "aloneness" now.

    Hope you feel better, Country, and realize you're in good company here; we all can relate!

    Take care (you can bitch freely to us!!),
  9. AnnetClo

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    It's nice knowing that I'm not the only bitch! I feel really terrible about being so short and rude to people sometimes but I can't help myself. So glad I found you guys, I think you may be keeping me sane!!

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  11. lavender_butterfly

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    This was such a fun and humorous post!! I laughed so hard when I read this, from beginning to end. And I related...its so nice to connect with people and know that I am not the only one.

    Not that I am laughing at the unhappiness of others...certainly not! But just laughing because I understand. And laughter is the best medicine, at least as far as I am concerned. I just had to share what happened to me today at lunch. Keep in mind that I hadn't read this post until just a few moments ago, which is hours after my lunch.

    So there I was, standing in line, patiently waiting my turn. My legs and feet were THROBBING from walking all the way to the food court. The cashier said, "next please" and I limp towards the cash register to place my order. Next thing I know, this older man is practically running me down and spitting out his order as fast as he can. Well, I had just had ENOUGH. I put my hands on my hips, did one hair flip, and said, "Um...Okaaaeeey. EX-cu-UUUSE me? Do you MIND? There is a LINE here! STANDINIT, YOU RUDE MOTHERF---ING JERK!!!" He stopped, turned around, and said, "Well, I'm sorry. She said next please and you were too slow!" That broke me. I started to launch myself at him, when this kind man behind me lightly grabbed my shoulders and held me back. He was nice enough to guard a place in line for me so I could have the next available cashier.
    But let me tell you...after that, people were walking a wide berth around me and the cashier was EXTRA nice to me! LOL! Some days, I tell you...I just snap. People can be SO rude. And when that happens, all bets are off. I turn into Mega Mean Super Bitch from the Planet Hellfire and there is no telling what I will do. What has happened to chivalry, anyway? I always notice when someone is rude to me and tells me it is because I am too slow, it is usually a man...

    But I know that not all men are like that. The men in my life are GREAT! Most of the time, anyway. Its just the rude jerks in suits downtown I need to watch out for!

    Thanks for the laugh!!
  12. Myth

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    I try to control this tendency, but my bitchy-ness erupts spontaneously. In my case it is really just irritation. I am tired and sore and do not have the patience for people any more. I am not depressed and do not have a negaitve out look on things- I'm just moody. I blame it on the sleep deprivation. My mood swings are erratic and usually have nothing to do with anything. When your in a lot of pain, and you are just trying deperately Not to feel the pain; there is a tendency to be short and abrupt with people, and it is easy to become irritated. I try not to take it out on people and when I do I apologize; because really it was nothing in particular they said or did. If I am in a 'mood' or in to much pain to handle people, I try to avoid people or take a nap. Beware the person that wakes me up from a well deserved nap though!
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    This DD would make ANYONE bitchy. I still have to purchase my favorite T-shirt. It reads:

    I'm not a bitch. I'm THE bitch, and it's MISS BITCH to you.

    At least, we still have our sense of humor.

    Keep on laughing...if you can.
  14. Shirl

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    Is it safe to answer your post now??? I will print this thread out, as my husband has a horrific time with me in public! He says I don't have a 'short fuse', I don't have a 'fuse' at all, I just blow!

    I would like him to see that I am not the only one that is like this. I believe its the pain, the sensory overload,etc. that goes along with these illnesses(not to mention the uncaring people we have to deal with).

    My worst place to 'lose it' is Wal-Mart, too big, too many people, undisiplined chidren, tired cranky cashiers, too bright lights, and just over all the worst place to shop as for as I am concerned! I always want to punch someone out in that store. I mostly don't go there for all the above reasons. Plus I have a very nasty habit of speaking my mind when things are not going right.

    As for you Birdman, if you are not a comedian, then you have missed your calling!

    Shalom, Shirl

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    give a blanket apology to everyone I meet and I try to hide for the rest of the day. I often go to work, gather my co-workers into a room and say, "OK, today, I will be a bitch; I can't seem to help it, so if you want to avoid my anger, avoid ME all day. Don't smile at me, don't ask me how I feel, DON'T HUG ME, don't feel sorry for me, don't patronize me, don't make a joke of it.....just stay really far away from me." Then I usually do my charting in a clean utility room where I don't have to speak to anyone, answer any questions or speak on the phone. Then, I go home, take a hot bath, go to bed and noise, no cats meowing, no husband wanting sex, no nothing until the next day, when I am usually much better!
    I am usually cheerful and talkative and quite a funny girl, so when I apologize beforehand to my friends, they've learned to listen! I hate myself when I'm like this and I hate even being in my own skin, so I REALLY don't wanna subject people I care about to this.

    Glad this was not one of those...
  16. kats1978

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    Many people that know me just don't understand that I am very cauls about what I do or how I act....I am just so bottled up inside and try not to say a thing that would cause great pain but I know that what they are really looking for is that open and sweet person once again.....
  17. allhart

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    im always bitchy when im in alot of pain,in the last 2 weeks i yelled at my daughters teacher,some guy at the bike store and a few others but they all in away did desevre it but not to the degree of yelling i got to
  18. DebraP

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    OHMYGOSH. I feel so much better for having read the posts on this thread! I have been SUCH a HAG the past few days. I know what it is (besides this DD). Here's the thing...responses and info would be appreciated.

    Okay, I was diagnosed w/ this DD 4 1/2 years ago. At that time I was given Zoloft specifically to "help me sleep." Well, guess what? It doesn't help that I'm aware of. I'm now seeing a new doc who has diagnosed me w/ Lyme disease and other crap in addition to fibro. He agreed that zoloft does little to nothing to help the sleep cycle. So, I'm weaning off of it. MAN, I HAVE TURNED INTO THE BITCH EXTRORDINAIRRE! I hate myself. Literally.

    So, why not just start taking the crap again, right? Here's the rub....I just finished reading a book called "The Prozac Backlash" which, in a nutshell, shows how over an extended period of time, Zoloft, Prozac and all those other antidepressents cause major brain damage. Damn! Like I don't have enough problems, my brain cells are turning to mush on top of it.

    So, what to do? Try to get through this bitchiness and hope that it will end (while I'm trying to keep from screaming at the neighbor for not shutting up his dog; my children for their pigsty rooms; my husband for breathing too loud; the dishwasher for making that swish get the idea)? Or, do I let my few remaining brain cells go to pot just to be able to muster up half a frigging smile?

    Seriously, folks. I'm pulling my hair out here. I feel "better" when I'm on the meds, mood-wise, but I'm afraid of the long-term. If I don't get off of it now, I may very well be on them for, like, forever!

    HELP!!!! Screaming in Oregon.... Debra