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    I was diagnosed w/FM, IC, and possibly Myofacial Pain Syndrome about 3 yrs ago while working all day on a computer. I was first told I had Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and did pyhsio but this I believe led me to be disabled. I was properly diagnosed a year later after seeing dr.'s who insisted on manipulating my arms and putting cortisone directly into a couple of trigger points. Since then I have been married, pregnant and now am trying to parent my son (w/ a lot of help and support) but am getting very frustrated with my dr.'s. I have no specialist right now, but will be seeing her soon. My question is: How do I get it across to them that I am now crippled by the pain but also from the fatigue and that as much as they worry about giving me meds (fear of addiction) and tend not to, or give me anti-depressants which make me worse, prescribe them but that I am now unable to leave my home, get groceries, be intimate with my husband, or have any k/ind of life other than being indoors w/ Jay. I am stumped as to how to deal with them as I have said this directly to them. Are there articles or info about pain and pian meds that I can talk to them about
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    I printed every thing I could find on treating pain, and the myths of addiction when treating chronic pain, then took all the articles to the doctor with me. I cried and came back over and over until someone listened. I took a year, but I now take percocette, and wear a pain patch. Other doctors would probably take me off these meds, but without them I was a mess. I still have pain, but can tolerate it much more.

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    Discussing your pain and having it fall on deaf ears, has to be one of the most frustrating aspects of this disease.
    I believe one has to keep explaining their situation. If the doctor is not sympathetic, and refuses to help, move on to another. I spent a long time, and 4 months ago, finally found a doctor interested in addressing my pain issues. It is such a relief. Don't give up. Take in printed material, on the myth of addiction when prescribing meds to chronic pain patients. Explain in concise terms the level of your pain, and the disabling effect it has. If he/she will not remedy the problem, move on to someone else.
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