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    Hello, I have been coming to the chat room here for about 4 1/2 years. I am so glad i found it. I keep reading about people who are taking really strong medications like percoset and vicodin, etc. for every day pain.

    I used to need pain meds daily to function, then I thought about my reaction to pain. If you lay there and say "oh oh, my whatever is killing me" then you are concentrating on the pain and giving it validity.

    Pain is a function of the BRAIN!!! Remember this. If you meditate and tell your brain not to accept pain from "whatever" then do a crossword puzzle or something, you will take your mind off the pain and it will diminish.

    I do take a couple of tylenol two or 3 times a week at night if i can't sleep because of discomfort. I really don't have "pain" any more, I have a general discomfort over my whole body, like my body just wants to jump out of my skin. I am assuming that is caused by fibromyalgia. So, what isn't!!!

    I did find that the best think you can do for pain is to refuse it. Then quit thinking about it.

    Hope this helps someone. Panther
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    I am so happy that you are able to deal with your pain. Mind over matter does work sometimes with certain situations and with certain people, but it's not all in your head. My brain tells me when to stop and it tells me when I am in pain.

    If I overdo it, then the pain will increase. Crossword puzzle= PAIN. I cannot concentrate on anything long enough to take my mind off the pain. Even sitting at this computer, I sure wish I could sit here longer, but the pain intensifies.

    Tylenol has never done anything for me other than upset my stomach, but hey if it works for you, that's great. Consider yourself very lucky that you can just meditate and tell your brain to shut down the pain. You are very fortunate.

    I have already tried your technique, but I had no luck. Thanks for sharing your story though, I find them all very interesting.

    Take Care

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    I am glad that meditation and tylenol is working for you.

    Unfortunatly we all have different pain tolerances and severities of conditions. For myself, OTC medications have done nothing for me. The only way for me to live a semi-normal life and work a full time job is to take Vicodin.

    It works for me, but I understand everyone is differnt. That is what is so puzzling about this DD.

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    It certainly is not for me.

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    Hey dncnfingers, thatnks for the hello. maybe see you on line soon.Marilou
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    I believe that you do make your own reality, so it works for me. so sorry you don't see this, but we all are at different places on the path of life.